Abnormal sound of soft flat wiper blade



Abnormal sound of soft flat wiper blade

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Over time , various problems will appear in the car ;


The wiper blade is one of them that cannot be ignored .


Sometimes unable to start ,


But no problem , let ‘ s analyze the abnormal sound .



Wiper blades are consumables .


Common problems are dirty brushes , severe wear , and abnormal noise .


The correct method is to perform regular maintenance and pay attention to replacement .



Big windshield


There is only one vertical force point for soft flat wiper blade ;


Easy tremor at the tip is an important factor for abnormal noise .



Check for foreign objects such as leaves and small stones between the wiper blade and the windshield .


The above will also cause abnormal noise , which needs attention .


The aging wiper blade has some bending and hardening ,


which is also an important factor that causes sound .




The wiper motor is located directly under the water tank .


If an abnormal sound is found when the wiper is turned on , it may also be emitted .


Pay attention to the linkage of the wiper


Its spring performance will decline with time ,


Wear of bushings , etc . can also cause abnormal noise .



It is worth mentioning that the wiper blade itself ,


The wiper blades are replaced every 6 to 12 months ,


If you don ‘ t  change it for a long time ,


As the rubber ages  , hardens , and makes abnormal noises , the wiper blade effect will decrease linearly .


Regular maintenance of the wiper blades and attention to replacement are the top priorities .






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