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TOPEX @ About the wipers

Postview: 204       Date:March 30, 2022


TOPEX @ About the wipers you want to choose is here!

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First: To find out which type of wiper blade is used in your car, refer to the onboard manual to see the type of wiper indicated above.

In general, wiper blades are sold with metal poles, and there is basically no single blade. If you are not sure, you can let the parts store clerk help identify.


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Second: Pay attention to whether the way the pole is connected to the wiper arm is matched because some of the arms are fixed to the

rocker with screws so is careful when buying.


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Third: Check the rubber of the wiper, use your fingers to touch the new wiper rubber to see if there is any hand or damage, and bend the rubber piece to test the elasticity of the rubber material.

If rubber surface damage, cracks do not meet the standard, is a poor quality wiper.


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Fourth: To test, place the wiper switch in each speed gear and check that the wipers maintain different speeds.

Especially in intermittent operation, also note whether the wiper blades maintain a certain speed during the movement.


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Fifth: Check the wiper state and whether the wiper strut has uneven swing or slip. If the following three conditions occur, the wiper of the blade is unqualified.

① The swing is not smooth and the wiper does not move normally.

② The contact surface of the rubber and the glass surface cannot be completely adhered to each other, resulting in wiping residue.

③ After wiping, the glass surface is in a state of water film, and fine streaks, fog and linear residue are generated on the glass.


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Sixth: When testing the wiper motor, it should be noted that the wiper motor has abnormal noise during operation, or there is corrosion and jam.

If the wiper motor has the above conditions and does not operate, the wiper switch should be turned off immediately, To avoid burning the motor.

This type of wiper motor does not meet the standard and is not included in the selection.

Choose a wiper blade and choose topex. The quality is trustworthy.


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