What car has heated windshield wipers?



What car has heated windshield wipers?

Postview: 76       Date:August 22, 2023

Heated wiper blade

Heated windshield wipers can be a convenient feature to have, especially in cold and snowy weather conditions. While not all cars come with this feature as standard, many luxury and high-end vehicles offer heated windshield wipers as an optional or included feature. Here are a few car brands that offer heated windshield wipers:


  1. Audi: Audi is known for its advanced technology and comfort features. Some Audi models, such as the Audi A6, A7, A8, and Q7, offer heated windshield wipers as part of their Cold Weather Package.
  2. BMW: Certain BMW models, particularly those in the higher-end series like the 7 Series and X5, offer heated windshield wipers. These wipers help keep the blades free from ice and snow, ensuring clear visibility.
  3. Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz vehicles often come equipped with various safety and convenience features. Some models, including the E-Class, S-Class, GLE, and GLS, may offer heated windshield wipers as part of their optional packages or as standard equipment.
  4. Volvo: Known for their commitment to safety, Volvo offers heated windshield wipers on several models, such as the XC40, XC60, XC90, and V90 Cross Country. This feature helps to prevent snow and ice buildup on the wiper blades, improving visibility during winter driving.
  5. Land Rover: Land Rover vehicles, renowned for their off-road capabilities, often include heated windshield wipers. Models like the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and Discovery may offer this feature, making them suitable for adventurous journeys in colder climates.
  6. Jaguar: As a sister brand to Land Rover, Jaguar vehicles also offer heated windshield wipers on select models. The Jaguar F-PACE, E-PACE, and I-PACE SUVs may include this feature among their available options.
  7. Tesla Model X : Heated wiper blade for Tesla Model X with boneless three sections wipers.


These are just a few examples of car brands that offer heated windshield wipers. It’s important to note that availability may vary depending on the specific model, trim level, and optional packages chosen.

To ensure you have this feature, it is recommended to consult with local dealerships or check the manufacturer’s specifications for the desired car model.



Heated windshield wipers from topex work with the existing vehicle defroster system to give drivers a clearer vision for safer driving in adverse weather conditions.

These heated wiper blades contain a heating element inside the silicon rubber squeegee, which is activated through the switch provided in the topex wiper blade system. There is another heating element which heats the structure pivot points to help keep the structure ice free as well.

The switch can be wired to any vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system during the heated windshield wiper blade installation process.

The properties that enable topex to withstand the temperatures generated by the heating element provide you with superior windshield wiper performance year round.

The heated wiper blade system from topex reach a temperature of 248°F, so even at 70°F below zero, the heated windshield wiper system can prevent ice from accumulating on the blades.


The heated windshield wipers install in minimal time and require only basic tools. This makes the heated wiper blade system one of the most effective systems on the market today. 




  • Product Name:T-HWB-01 heated wiper blade for Tesla Model X
  • FOB Price:30$
  • Min.Order Quantity:10 PCS
  • Supply Ability:1,000,000 PCS
  • Port:XIAMEN
  • Payment Terms:TT or L/C



T-HWB-02 Heated wiper blade for Tesla Model X with boneless three sections wipers car accessory 12″/300mm-28″/700mm. We could offer left-hand driving and right-hand driving style.


Details of T-HWB-02 heated wiper blade for Tesla Model X technology strength

1. Aerodynamic design
2. Simplified structure
3. Compatibility with various models
4. Improved corrosion prevention
5. Reduction in looseness

Reduction of impact on pedestrian

The preponderance of T-HWB-02 heated wiper blade for Tesla Model X

1. Improved wiping performance at high speeds

2. Improved wiping performance at low temperature and snow

3. Reduced noise & chattering

4. Aerodynamic design

5. Improved corrosion resistance

6. Every wiper blade was tested before delivery

Whole advantages

1. Wiper blade 100% natural rubber with Teflon in it

2. Temperature: from -76 °F to 248 °F

3. Noise-free, lightweight, easy installation

4. Imported spring steel


TOPEX heated wiper blades feature a unique design and high-quality raw materials for clear visibility even in extreme weather conditions. In addition, the flexible symmetrical spoiler exerts downforce on the entire blade so that it is always firmly pressed against the windshield, meeting the needs of winter drivers. Get through the rest of winter with ease.

Heated Windshield Wipers

It’s time to replace those windscreen wipers, look no further. Our selection of heated wiper blades is on hand to have you see clearly in no time.