When should I replace my rear wiper ?



When should I replace my rear wiper ?

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Replace rear wiper

Good visibility while driving is essential, and this includes having a functional rear wiper. A rear wiper helps maintain a clear view of the rear window, especially in adverse weather conditions. Like all vehicle components, rear wipers wear out over time and need replacement. In this article, we will discuss when you should replace your rear wiper and how to identify signs of wear and tear.

When should I replace my rear wiper ?

The lifespan of a rear wiper blade varies depending on the quality of the blade, frequency of use, and weather conditions. Generally, rear wiper blades last for about six to twelve months before they need replacement. However, the following signs may indicate that it is time to replace your rear wiper blade:

1. Streaking:

Streaking is the most common sign that your rear wiper blade needs replacement. When the blade’s rubber edge wears out, it leaves streaks on the rear window instead of wiping it clean. Streaking can decrease visibility, making it difficult to see behind you while driving.

2. Skips and Hesitation:

If your rear wiper blade skips or hesitates while moving across the rear window, it could indicate that the blade needs replacement. Skipping occurs when the blade misses sections of the rear window and moves unevenly, while hesitation occurs when the blade slows down or stops moving altogether.

3. Chattering and Noisy:

If you hear chattering or squeaking noises when using your rear wiper, it could be due to worn-out blades. Chattering occurs when the blades vibrate or bounce across the rear window, creating noise that can be distracting and annoying.

4. Worn-out Rubber Edge:

Inspect the rubber edge of your rear wiper blade regularly to check for signs of wear and tear. If the rubber is worn out, cracked, or split, it’s time to replace the blade. A damaged rubber edge makes the blade less effective at clearing away debris and water from the rear window.

5. Bent or Damaged Blade:

Finally, if your rear wiper blade is bent, twisted, or broken, it is time to replace it. A damaged blade can scratch the rear window, decreasing visibility and creating a safety hazard.



Maintaining a clear view of the road while driving is crucial, and this includes having a functional rear wiper. Regularly inspect your rear wiper blade for signs of wear and tear, and replace it at least once a year to maintain optimal performance. Signs of wear and tear include streaking, skipping, chattering, worn-out rubber edge, and a damaged blade. By replacing your rear wiper blade when needed, you can ensure clear visibility and driving safety, especially in adverse weather conditions.

The reality is that cold, or hot, dry climates and sunlight do the most damage to your wipers – and your rear wiper is just as exposed as the ones on the front of your car.

Experts recommend changing the rear blade at 6 months – 1 year because the rear wiper rubber gradually deteriorates due to exposure to the elements .