Wiper Blades Need to be Checked Regularly



Wiper Blades Need to be Checked Regularly

Postview: 179       Date:March 30, 2022

Wiper Blades Need to be Checked Regularly


 Checked Regularly


Maintaining a good vision while driving is an important guarantee for driving safety.

At this time : wiper blades are essential!

But the wiper blades of many car owners are very prone to failure.

Therefore , the wiper blade need to be checked regularly.The wiper blade must be replaced in time when the following conditions occur :


1. Ribbon stripes

The wiper blade rubber is not in full contact with the glass , improper arm pressure or damage to the upper structure , or even improper wiper blades can cause this phenomenon .


2. Fine water phenomenon

When the wiper blade is brushed over the windshield, there are still small water droplets attached to the glass surface. This phenomenon is caused by car wax, oil stains or poor quality of rubber .


3. “Click” sound or noise

When the wiper blades are scratched irregularly , it is caused by various reasons such as rubber wear, arm and bracket damage, and rubber aging .

In the absence of lubrication , the wiper blade scratching the glass will also produce noise .



How to use wiper blade correctly ?

–  a. Do not scrape dry without water

The rubber ” knife edge ” of the wiper blade is very fragile . If the glass is stainedit is easy to damage the wiper . Water can play a role in cleaning and lubricating , can well protect the wiper blade and the glass , while keeping the glass clean.


–  b. Avoid prolonged exposure

In summer, when the high temperature continues , rubber will deform, age and lose its elasticity .

Recommendation : Try to park in an indoor parking lot . If you park for a long time outdoors , you can put a protective cover on the car .


–  c. Clean up attachments in time

When the wiper blades are scratched irregularly or parked outdoors for a long time, foreign matter such as dust , bird droppings , and sand will remain on the glass surface .

Please clean up the foreign objects before opening the wiper blade to avoid the hard object from cutting the edge of the rubber strip and causing damage to the wiper blade .


–  d. Use special and qualified glass water

Many people wash the wiper blade directly with tap water , which is wrong .

To extend the life of the wiper blade , it is best to use a dedicated and qualified glass cleaning fluid. (Glass water)

Qualified glass water can clean the windshield and protect the wiper blade from damage .


The driving safety of wiper blades is very important .