◎  Knowledge sharing about wiper blades



◎ Knowledge sharing about wiper blades

Postview: 220       Date:March 30, 2022

Three main elements of selection:

☞  Pay attention to

Corrosion resistance.

Dial the water-based strong.

Heat, cold, acid and alkali resistance.

A good wiper must have these three characteristics.


The wipers on the market at present can be roughly divided into two kinds, one is the traditional intermittent wiper, it is also one of the most used now, according to rainfall wiper speed could influence driving view points to adjust the three to four levels;The other is the rain-induced wipers that have been used in the middle and upper class models in recent years. The wipers can adjust the speed automatically according to the rainfall.


The high quality wiper will not scratch the windshield while it is perfectly fitted to the windshield, achieving a perfect wiping effect.

In addition, to ensure the safety of the vehicle, the wipers should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year.


When choosing a windshield wiper, it is important to know which type of windshield wipers and windshield wipers are used in your car.


Specifications can refer to the accessory manual, face the wiper in shape with clear identification number, and the connection method basically is to see the strut and wiper arm is how to connect, some arm is screwed to the brush rocker arm, while others are convex locking buckle;Also check whether the rubber strip of the wiper is aging.


Approach is to build the wipers, finger touch on the rubber wiper after cleaning, if it is found that leaf aging, hardening, cracking, rubber blade without flexibility, illustrate the wiper is unqualified;Secondly, it is necessary to test whether the speed of the wiper is consistent and whether there is uneven swing or leakage.The wiper can be tested at different speed segments, especially if the wiper maintains a certain speed in the “slow” working condition. Finally check the wiper state.If the contact surface of the rubber is not fully fit with the glass surface, wipe it and produce a water strip or fog surface on the surface of the glass, indicating that the wiper is not qualified.


Methods for troubleshooting:

When using the wiper, an exception if the wiper motor noise, especially the wiper motor “buzzing” sound is not turning, illustrate the wiper mechanical transmission parts have rust or stuck in place, then immediately close the wiper, in case of burning motor. If the windshield wiper motor has no abnormal noise, the wiper is not working, mostly because the fuse has been burned.At this point, just find the fuse of the windshield wiper, and remove it to replace the new one.If there is no special windshield wiper fuse, can also use other object to replace.The film fuse can be replaced by the fuse on other secondary lines, and the glass tube fuse can be replaced by a few laps around the outer glass tube with the tin foil in the cigarette case.


If the light rain, the windshield wipers can not thoroughly clean rain, uneven wipe traces left on the surface of the glass, in general, this is because the wiper rubber parts hardening, wiper can’t fit closely with the glass surface, or because the rubber on the wiper has the wound lead to wipe on uneven, forming residual dirt.It is best to choose a new wiper or rubber sheet to replace.If the wiper work when giving a hazy glass, fine water droplets shape, produce stripes or local fuzzy, this is due to the influence of oil film, dirt or wax, as long as clean and windshield wiper blades clean will do.