6 Tips for Choosing The Best Windshield Wiper



6 Tips for Choosing The Best Windshield Wiper

Postview: 209       Date:January 26, 2022

How important is finding the correct replacement windshield wipers?


Safe Driving in the rain is serious! Windshield wiper blades are the number two safety feature on a vehicle, right behind the brakes. Windshield wipers provide a clear view while driving in harsh conditions. Without the proper equipment, driving in bad weather can sometimes be the difference between life and death. According to some recent research, roughly 23% of accidents that take place in the United States annually are weather-related. Almost 50% of these accidents are rain-related! I think it is safe to say, finding the right replacement windshield wipers is very important.


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We put together 6 tips that will help you make the best decision when buying replacement windshield wipers.


1. First find out which type of wiper blade your car uses.


Wiper blades have changed a lot since they were first invented in 1903. They have even changed more so in the last 10 years with the rise of beam blade technology. Traditional wiper blades use hinges to conform to your wind. You can refer to the manual of the car to see the wiper blade model indicated above. If you are not sure, ask the wiper parts shop assistant to help identify it.


2. Pay attention to whether the way the support rod is connected to the wiper blade rocker arm is matched.


3. Pull up the wiper blade and touch the cleaned rubber wiper blade with your fingers


To check whether there is any damage and how elastic the rubber blade is. If the blade is aged、 hardened 、and cracked 、the wiper blade is unqualified.


4. During the test, place the wiper switch at various speed positions


Check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds. Especially in the intermittent working state, pay attention to whether the wiper blade maintains a certain speed when moving.


5. Check the state of the wiper, and whether the wiper rod has an uneven swing or missed scraping.


If the following three situations occur, the wiper blade is unqualified.

  • The swing is not smooth, and the wiper blade is abnormally jumping.
  • The rubber contact surface and the glass surface cannot be completely attached, resulting in wiping residue.
  • After wiping, the glass surface is in a state of water film, and small stripes, fog and linear residues are produced on the glass.


6. Pay attention to whether the motor has abnormal noise during the test.

It should be noted that when the wiper motor buzzes and does not rotate, it indicates that the mechanical transmission part of the wiper is rusted or stuck.

At this time, the wiper switch should be turned off immediately to prevent the motor from burning.