How does the rear wiper turn off ?



How does the rear wiper turn off ?

Postview: 150       Date:March 30, 2022


The rear wiper switch and the use diagram of the car are shown in the figure below. The rear wiper can be activated by pushing the wiper lever forward and backward. This operation is different from the operation of the front wiper switch up and down. The front and rear dials can be used to control the rear wiper switch and the intermittent wipe of the wiper, as well as the automatic wiper and the rear wiper. The rear wiper is the wiper for the rear windshield of the car. The rear wiper is mostly equipped with SUV, MPV, hatchback and part hatchback.




The rear glass of the sedan has a relatively large inclination, and the inclination of the hatchback is relatively small. Because the front wiper is hidden behind the hood, it is just blocked by the hood when the high-speed airflow flows through the front, and it does not affect the wiper.


Then the wiper has no hiding place, so the high-speed airflow must be considered before installation. Because the rear window is tilted, the wind speed is very fast during the driving process, which not only hinders the car from traveling but also seriously affects the wiping efficiency. The hatchback is installed because the rear window is almost vertical and the wind speed is slow and the impact is small.



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