How to deal with the failure of the car wiper



How to deal with the failure of the car wiper

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Clean and silent !

Regarding the failure of the car wiper, with the frequency of use of the soft flat wiper blade, a new revolution in the wiper has been brought about.

However, the owner should not blindly pursue the soft flat wiper blade. ( According to his own model ), the traffic accidents caused by the inferior soft flat wiper blade and the unclear vision are numerous.


Reasonable maintenance of car wiper tips

The car wiper itself has a very harsh working environment, facing exposure to the sun, dust, etc. Its life is limited, and the improper use and maintenance of it will cause the rubber to be “injured” and not work well, not only for the front windshield. Bringing damage can also cause a driver’s visual obstacles and affect driving safety.


To protect the wiper, first of all, to prevent the “injury” of foreign objects.

During the normal driving process, small particles such as sand will adhere to the wiper and the windshield. At this time, it is easy to cause damage to the flat surface of the wiper blade, resulting in uncleanness.

The rubber contact surface can be wiped with a soft cloth. The sand and dust attached to the top can be removed so that the wiper blade and the windshield are well-protected at the same time.


Differentiate maintenance according to different weather conditions

After rainy days, the car should be washed as much as possible. The acidic components in the rainwater are likely to cause rubber ageing. When the glass is frozen and snow-covered in winter, the wiper blade cannot be used to damage the wiper blade; the tilting state of the rubber contact surface is often changed.

Important Tips; when the wiper blade is not tightly attached, it should be adjusted to a professional repair shop as soon as possible to prevent potential safety hazards.

After the wiper has been swept twice, check to see if there is any moisture left on the windshield, and observe if there are any scratches. If it is obvious, it means the wiper rubber on the wiper has aged. Should replace the new rubber.


Avoid prolonged exposure

Avoiding exposure to the sun for a long time can make the wiper last longer. A little car is very important: when it is found that there is dust on the glass, it is often only turned on by the wiper to sweep away the sand. This is a very wrong way. The fact that doing so can greatly damage the rubber and car glass of the wiper.

So before starting, you may want to spray some cleaning solution first, of course, manual cleaning is better.

Driving safety is very important for the driver. The car wiper can reduce the traffic accident rate and ensure people’s travel safety.

When it is raining or there are other pollutants that affect the driving sight, open the wiper to clean it. Good visibility is closely related to vehicle safety when driving.

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