How to remove the wiper arm ?



How to remove the wiper arm ?

Postview: 195       Date:March 30, 2022

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Ordinary is to directly reset, turn off the flame, and then get off the car can directly lift the wiper by hand, and then back in the opposite direction can be taken down. Another kind is that it can’t be uncovered after resetting, which is blocked by the car’s hood. In this case, you must first energize, start the wiper, turn off the wiper when it is scraped to the middle of the glass, then get off the bus and remove the wiper as follows:


▂  First of all, the wiper should be completely erected. In order to avoid damage to the windshield during disassembly and assembly, it is recommended that the owner put a piece of cloth on the windshield when disassembling the wiper and support the wiper to change the blade angle.


  Secondly, the wiper blade is angled, preferably at a 90 degree angle to the wiper arm. Because the wiper blade and the swing arm are caught by the clip, it is easy to disassemble after being angled.


▄  Finally, after the angle is set, the disassembly and assembly can be started. First, the rubber blade should be lifted with one hand, so that the fixing arm of the wiper arm and the blade is exposed. The wiper blade is removed as a whole, the lower hand laterally splits the rubber blade, and the other hand presses down the main bracket to separate the wiper blade from the swing arm. After that, the wiper blade can be taken as a whole. under.


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