Wiper strategy



Wiper strategy

Postview: 196       Date:March 30, 2022

┃ Comparison of two types of wipers



Two of our most common types of wipers are parallel wipers (the way of synchronic wipers) and open

wipers (the way of cross-wipers).



The biggest feature of the parallel windshield wipers is that they can be used with shorter wipers (our usual copilot wipers are shorter) or with a smaller wiper motor, so they are generally more affordable.The disadvantage of parallel windshield wipers is that the copilot’s wipers are short, so when scraping water, the upper right corner of the copilot’s windshield wipers are more prone to blind areas .



For open windshield wipers, which have longer linkages than parallel wipers and require a larger flume space to install, the cost is generally higher than for parallel wipers.In addition, the copilot area of the open windshield wiper is also larger than the parallel windshield wiper, which is relatively less blind.However, open windshield wipers are more likely to appear in the middle of the water, affecting the line of sight .




So, given the relatively high cost of open windshield wipers, is it possible to say that parallel windshield wipers are all “cheap” while open windshield wipers are high-end?In fact, either parallel or open windshield wipers are required to achieve the following standards: 98 percent of wiper coverage in front of the driver and 80 percent in front of the co-pilot.As to which kind of wiper to choose, it has a lot to do with the shape of the front windshield .



On the premise of meeting the coverage rate, choose which kind of wiper should be used according to the design and positioning of the vehicle model.As for which kind of windshield wiper is better, we can’t compare it with a quantifier. It depends on the environment in which the wipers are used .



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