Introduction to wiper rubber replacement


The car


Car wiper blade in normal times not too much attention , but in the rain and snow weather effect is

obvious .


So, how often do you change the wiper rubber ? The following is for everyone to introduce .


Wiper rubber replacement : Time




Usually 6 to 12 months .


According to the effect of wiper, streaks will appear after scraping , and the scraping effect will become worse and the noise will become
larger .


After clean rubber , gently polished , the effect has not improved , should be replaced wiper blade .




Introduction to wiper rubber replacement :


Wiper principle : wiper on the motor .


It is driven by a worm wheel on the armature and the output shaft operates the output arm connecting the wiper rod .


When the motor rotates , the output arm and the connecting rod are driven forward and backward .



The resistor on the control switch is connected to the motor ‘ s armature winding to control the motor ‘ s speed 


The driver can flip the switch as needed to let current flow into the motor ‘ s input circuit .



Above everyone introduced the wiper rubber replacement time .



You must pay attention to the time and cycle of wiper blade replacement .



Ensure the emergence of security .






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