Must know about wiper blade


In the daily maintenance process , does the owner always complain :



The rain is not clean ; The wiper blade work loudly ;


Tried to lift the wiper up , but easily injured his hand :



Sometimes you put it in reverse and the Rear wiper blade will work …



The above questions , for you may be small things !

But do you really know anything about wiper blade systems ?



The role of windscreen wiper blade


As for the role of wiper blade , anyone who has ever touched a car knows .

Its essential function is to improve the clarity of vision and ensure driving safety by wiping the windshield .



The type of windscreen wiper blade





The skeleton category can be classified as : soft flat wiper blade ( wiper skeleton is visible )


There are two types of soft flat wiper blade ( wiper frames are not visible as they are wrapped in rubber )



In contrast , the soft flat wiper blade relies on a whole guide force bar to disperse the pressure , so that the force on each part of the blade is even , which can reduce the generation of water mark and scratch mark , and the scraping effect is better .






1. Wiper rubber back : it can make the rubber easy to tilt and change direction .


2. Wipe rubber lip : ensure the service life of wiper blade .


3. Smooth coating : reduce rubber lip abrasion while ensuring smooth operation of wiper blade .


4.Spring bar : ensure good wiping effect .


5. Spoiler : ensure uniform pressure and scraping effect at high speed .



Improve the clarity of vision , ensure traffic safety , everyone is responsible .








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