Keep your wipers healthy and use them correctly



Keep your wipers healthy and use them correctly

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As we all know, wiper blades are consumables (car consumables), and now the high temperature and high temperature in summer, coupled with frequent rain, will affect the life of the car wiper, and more seriously, the rubber of the wiper will become hard or deformed and dry.

In order to keep the wiper in a healthy state of use, it is necessary to develop the habit of diligent inspection and to understand some scientific and correct use of the wiper.


Regular cleaning


If you live in a northern city, there will be some fine grains of sand between the wipers and the windshield on weekdays. If it is not cleaned in time, the wear of the wiper will increase.

Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the wiper, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning. The correct way is to lift the wiper first, clean the wiper in the direction of the rubber, and reduce the force when washing the car or flushing the wiper.


Do not rub


Many people think that any stain on the windshield can be removed with wipers. In fact, such misunderstandings are the main reason why wipers are easily damaged.

Usually, when the car is driving at high speed, the body of the windshield will be stained with sand or small flying insects. Some car owners use wipers for convenience. Not only does this leave dirt, but it also reduces lifespan and wipes the wipers. more fragile.


Stay away from “ammonia”


Ammonia is the killer of rubber hardening. Common household laundry soaps or other household cleaning products contain ammonia. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners choose car-specific cleaners when cleaning their vehicles on weekdays.

Another important point to note is that different cleaning agents should never be mixed. This is very likely to cause chemicals that corrode the wiper rubber, inadvertently causing damage to the wipers.

Car maintenance is a meticulous and meticulous work, which needs to be comprehensive and comprehensive in order to give the car the best driving experience.

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