More the wiper brush is blurred, the more you clean the wiper rubber



More the wiper brush is blurred, the more you clean the wiper rubber

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When the wiper is used, the resistance is large, and the wear is increased, resulting in a decrease in the wiper effect . The owner can place the wiper switch at various speed positions to check whether the wiper works normally at different speeds and whether there is a scratch .

If it does not work properly, you should go to the repair shop as soon as possible to repair.


Daily protection wiper is actually very simple


First of all, do not expose to long-term exposure When the outdoor temperature is high, the temperature of the front windshield will be very high, and the wiper will stick to the windshield .

The high temperature will greatly affect the rubber product, which will accelerate the aging of the wiper .

If there is no shade, it is recommended to use the wiper. Stand up. This method is also very suitable in winter. Once the snow is snowing , the wiper will be erected for the first time .

In addition, it is necessary to avoid starting the vehicle with a wiper to clean the snow on the glass and reduce the possibility of damage to the circuit .


Spray water before use, do not dry it; be sure to lubricate first .

Lubricating glass requires glass water because there is dirt and dust on the glass. If it is not lubricated with water , it will cause deformation of the strip.


If there are fallen leaves, cockles and other debris under the wiper, be sure to clean them first. The bird’s cockroaches can easily damage the rubber of the wiper. The fallen leaves will also scratch the glass, so don’t be bothered to see these things, and clean them up in time .


How many people will do cleaning the wiper rubber? The time is long, the rubber is rich in all kinds of sundries , and the wiper rubber can be rubbed with a wet rag .


Reminder : Some models have sunroof owners , the sunroof should be carefully checked before the rainy season . If the gutter and the water hole of the sunroof are blocked , it is likely to cause the car to leak water, so the car is mainly prevented early .




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