Reasons for car wipers to fail



Reasons for car wipers to fail

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Do you know the Reasons for car wipers to fail?


Some things ignore their existence because it is used less, but once there is a problem, it will become very troublesome and even affect the security issue.

There are two types of car wipers, one is a soft flat wiper blade in the car, and the other is a metal wiper blade for the car.

Because the wiper is only used when it is raining, many people ignore the life of the car wiper motor.

Cracked rubber has a certain lifespan. Under the raging hot and cold acid and alkali, hardening cracks or peeling will inevitably occur. Some wiper blades fall directly on the wiper arm. When the car starts, I see the wiper blades empty.

In the case of inferior rubber, the damage will be faster. Cold air can make the rubber hard and brittle, making it prone to cracking.

The windshield doesn’t adhere well because it stays in a fixed curl. Many believe wiper blades should be replaced every 6 to 12 months for good visibility.

Cracked or peeling wipers are more likely to occur on vehicles that are often parked in open-air parking spaces.

Especially the long wipers. When the wiper brushes swept across the surface of the windshield, it was lifted by the wind, causing part of it not to be swept. This phenomenon exists.

Conclusion: The wiper condition has deteriorated, and the vision is not clear. Natural rubber deteriorates over time, while synthetic rubber has a long lifespan. Overuse can also damage the blade.

Dust, small particles, mud spots, and even bug juice from the road can dull the blade. The blade will not be scratched. The misty oil film is distributed on the windshield with the wiper. It is usually caused by dirt or car wax. It is often contaminated with rubber. Driving like this is dangerous.

Driving safety is the most important!


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