Reasons for wiper blade failure



Reasons for wiper blade failure

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If you encounter the problem of wiper blade failure , you must check it in time .


The common reasons for wiper blade failure may include the following :

The wiper blade has a limited service life and should be replaced in time .

The wiper blade should be replaced every 6-12 months to get a better view .


The wiper blade is a vulnerable part and is not durable .


Natural rubber will deteriorate over time , and all types of wiper blades will deteriorate due to environmental factors .

Even if it is not used frequently , exposure to sunlight and ozone will cause the wiper blade to age .


TOPEX uses Malaysian natural rubber to better extend the life of the rubber .


The climatic characteristics will also affect the service life of the wiper blade , resulting in damage to the wiper blade .

Cold weather also affects the life of the wiper blade .

Cold air will harden the rubber and become brittle and easily crack .


The rocker arm is sometimes blocked by ice and snow , causing the wiper blade to not be evenly stressed ,

Causing the wiper blade to jump when sweeping the glass , resulting in ripples , resulting in unclear vision and unclean scratches .


Precautions for the use of wiper blades


1: Be careful not to open the wiper, because if there is no water on the front glass ,

It will aggravate the wear of the wiper and affect its levelness .


2: When it rains lightly, if the front windshield is too dirty ,

Spray water on the glass with the water spray motor of the wiper to increase .

Its lubrication and keep the surface fineness of the wiper blade alive .


3: Remember to check the water level of the water spray bottle frequently and replenish it in time when it is missing .


Before replacing the wiper blades , choose a pair of high-quality wiper blades .

Choose the correct wiper model size according to your car .


The replacement of the wiper blade is very simple , most car owners do it by themselves , you can try .









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