The correct use of the car wiper, are you getting it ?



The correct use of the car wiper, are you getting it ?

Postview: 70       Date:March 30, 2022


Today’s winter solstice!


~~ Officially entered the “ninth” day, the shortest day, the longest thoughts! One day, one blink of an eye, we ushered in the longest day of the year in the year, and since then we entered the winter season, unconsciously 2018 came to an end, first topex bless everyone’s health and good luck !


Hot topic We all know that the wiper is used when it rains. It also knows that there are automatic wipers and manual wipers, which are also used when used. However, there are still some details. If you are not familiar with the function, it is still very dangerous. There are also some newcomers who are not very clear about the use of wipers. Let’s take a look !






☞☞  How does the automatic wiper work automatically ?


Many of my friends’ cars are induction wipers, and I know that I will wait for it to automatically turn on when it rains. However, the automatic wiper is actually the same as the automatic headlights, and the automatic wiper should also be adjusted to the AUTO position to work properly . This is really very basic, but many newcomers do not understand .

Some models that do not have automatic sensing rainfall function will have the function of “automatic intermittent swing”, which can automatically control the wiper frequency according to the speed of the vehicle. It also needs to be adjusted to the corresponding gear.


INT: “Automatic intermittent swing”

MIST: “Scratch once”

LO: “low frequency”

HI: “High frequency”


Different types of wipers are used differently, especially for some Japanese and Korean cars. The wiper control part is the English abbreviation for the logo. If you don’t understand, I suggest you look at the manual .






☞☞  What should I do with a manual wiper?


1. When the rainfall is not very large


If you just drop the rain, don’t rush to open the wiper. Because the water on the windshield is insufficient, the wiper is dry, only scratches the mud, it also damages the wiper and scratches the windshield. Remember to spray the glass water first when you turn it on, then turn on the wiper .



2.  When the rain is very big


If the rainfall is relatively large, we need to increase the wiper frequency in time. If the rainfall is particularly large, the wiper has no effect. If the vision is still not working, you should stop by the side, wait for the rain to go, and don’t forget to drive the fog light and double flash when parking .



3.  Cleaning of the rear windshield


In general, SUVs, hatchbacks and other models will be equipped with rear window wipers, because they are more susceptible to water and stains and interfere with the line of sight than the sedan.


So when the rear window of this type of car is dirty, don’t forget to clean it. In addition, the rear window can also be sprayed with water .


When there is fog in the rear window in rainy weather, you can open the rear window to heat up .


For models with rearview mirror heating, don’t forget to open them, these will make your vision clearer .



Finally: everyone must pay attention to safety when driving, and arrive safely at home to eat dumplings / dumplings ! 




Happy winter solstice  ! 





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