Do you know about silicone wipers ?



Do you know about silicone wipers ?

Postview: 193       Date:March 30, 2022
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Analysis of silicone wipers. Whether in the traditional sales channels or in the e-commerce channel, seeing a large number of “coated wipers” promotion, some even more exaggerated propaganda wipers have entered the coating era, this is a new wiper technology revolution, etc., marketing is very good.

In this issue, we will conduct scientific analysis on such “coated wiper” products so that everyone can correctly understand the correct use of coated wipers.




The products sold on the market can be divided into two categories :


The first category is natural rubber + with a water-repellent coating, that is, the wiper rubber itself uses natural rubber, adding a material capable of generating a water-repellent effect in the lubricating coating formula, and then spraying the coating on the working edge of the wiper rubber, through The dry brush of the wiper coats the water-repellent material in the coating onto the surface of the windshield to form a coating that can produce a water-repellent effect.



The second category is silicone wiper + lubricious coating, that is , the wiper rubber is made of silica gel. When used, the friction of the silicone rubber on the windshield makes the silicone oil in the strip adhere to the surface of the glass to form a layer resembling a lotus leaf. The hydrophobic membrane enables the rainwater on the surface of the glass to form a circular small water droplet to achieve the coating effect .



Note: The first type of product has a very bad effect in actual use. It will be prone to serious noise and jitter in the short term.

This time we mainly analyze the second type of silicone wipers.



The use of silicone wipers originated in Japan and is currently used in Japan and Southeast Asia. Japan and Southeast Asian countries belong to the maritime climate of the island country. Rainwater comes quickly and large.

Even ordinary wipers can hardly see the road conditions even in the pouring rain. The water-repellent water on the windshield can make the rainwater not use the silicone wiper.

It is easy to adhere to the glass surface, reducing the contact area between the raindrop and the glass surface, and allowing the raindrop to achieve an easy sliding effect. This is indeed helpful for the safety of driving in areas where heavy rain is often caused.



Is the silicone wiper really amazing? Do silicone wipers have so many benefits why the entire car company did not choose them? Below we analyze its pros and cons from a technical perspective :





Compared with rubber, silica gel has better heat resistance, low-temperature resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance and wear resistance ;




All coating products are inseparable from oily silicon, and automotive glass is a graded tempered glass that cannot absorb the molecules of the material, resulting in the formation of a silicon film that is always dry on the surface of the windshield, and the silicon is combined with the dust in the air.

Oxidation, the mixture attached to the surface of the glass does not fall off for a long time, the glass is opaque, astigmatism (there is a mist that is difficult to disappear when wiping), the sound of the wiper, the blurring of the whole piece, etc. (this is silicon Increased the resistance of the wiper sliding on the glass surface), and the yellowing of the glass will occur for a long time.



Many car manufacturers do not have matching silicone wipers. The reason is that they cannot pass the safety quality certification: the surface of the glass is foggy when scraping, and it will astigmatism when the lights are illuminated in front of the night, which affects driving safety.




After using the coated wiper glass, you can see the obvious adhesion on the strip after using the natural rubber wiper. This is the mixture of silicon and dust in the air, which will cause severe vibration and harshness when the wiper is wiped. noise .




Adding silicone oil to silica gel, the more silicone oil is added, the more the tear strength will be changed. The two properties will not reach 20% of natural rubber, and the neck of the rubber strip will be easily broken.



The normal use of silica gel must rely on the surface of the lubricating coating, otherwise, the wiper can not be scratched on the glass surface (the silica gel is not chlorinated after vulcanization, the resistance to sliding on the glass surface is very large), compared to the natural rubber is not coated In the case of the layer, the work can still be used normally .




The application of silicone rubber needs to fully consider the cross-sectional design of the rubber, the pressure distribution structure of the wiper, the pressure of the wiper arm and the curvature of the glass, etc., otherwise it is difficult to ensure the performance of the wiper .




So our topex still chooses natural rubber wipers , in short , China’s silicon in recent years


The development of rubber is very fast . Silicone materials have been used in many applications in the automotive and accessory industries, such as cylinder head gaskets, water pump gaskets, automotive connector connectors, spark plugs, tires, etc., but currently in the wiper industry. Not particularly mature.


The most sincere advice to the owner: When you buy the wiper, try to choose a natural rubber wiper with higher safety performance. Through the safety and quality certification, the source can be traced back.


Choose a wiper and choose topex for safe driving .




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