The quality of the wiper is good , mainly because it is not clean .



The quality of the wiper is good , mainly because it is not clean .

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Travel safety


Generally, the service life of the wiper blade is 1-2 years. Of course, this service life is determined according to the use environment. For example, the parking lot is parked in an open-air parking lot for a long time, the wiper strip is exposed for a long time, and even a large amount of dust remains on the glass or It is a material such as bird droppings, resin, etc. If the wiper is used without cleaning, it will affect the life of the wiper strip. At the same time, the glass is not clean, which can cause the wiper strip to beat or even scratch the glass. In this case, you can try to clean the glass with a cleaning agent to solve it .


The quality of the wiper is good, mainly because it is not clean, such as whether there are residual water marks, whether there is any abnormal noise, or whether the wiper strips are not beating. If the above problems occur, don’t rush to change the wiper strips. Check the environment of the car before making a decision .



In fact, it is not difficult to replace the wiper strip. Even if you don’t go to the 4S shop or the beauty shop, it is very convenient to do it yourself. I want to buy and replace the wiper rubber myself. I pay attention to the topex blog.



How to choose ?


If it is a universal interface or a U-shaped port, the price will not be expensive, such as a boneless wiper, because there is no metal bracket to reduce the noise and damage to the glass. It is a form of a conductive strip that allows the wiper strip to apply even force and fits snugly against the glass. Relatively speaking, the boneless wiper will be more expensive than the bone wiper. Basically, the same model has the same price as the bone wiper. Before choosing a wiper, first determine the type of wiper (there is a boneless wiper). After selecting the brand, it is recommended to choose a genuine wiper blade. (I believe that topex is a good choice for you!) Topex products are suitable for more than 96% of models. Universal U-shaped interface, 4-in-1 interface or interface like BMW Mercedes-Benz, only to find the interface, whether it is bone or boneless can effectively protect our view of rainy days. Travel safety is the most important ~ ~




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