What is the cause of the noise from the wiper?



What is the cause of the noise from the wiper?

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Many customers have reported that when the weather is cold, the wiper will make a loud noise, and when the vehicle is driving for a while, it will be better if you brush a few more times. So what is the reason for this?

When the temperature is lowered, the rubber will harden and the wiper will produce an abnormal sound.

Everyone knows that the rubber strip is made of rubber, and the rubber will harden at low temperatures. Low-temperature hardening is it’s characteristic. Rubber is a high-molecular polymer with high elasticity. In winter, the hardness of the elastic polymer material will increase. Just like the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the polymer constituting the rubber shrinks so badly that it shrinks to a mass. The molecular chain is no longer soft, so it feels harder to touch.

Wait for the car to start, brush a few more times, the temperature will come up, the strip will return to elasticity, and naturally, there will be no noise.


When the temperature is lowered, the rubber may also adhere to the windshield, the friction becomes larger, and noise is generated. When the car is driving, the temperature will rise, the windshield and the rubber will be separated, the friction will become smaller, and the noise will be gone.


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