The Wiper Blade Problems Guide



The Wiper Blade Problems Guide

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1. The common knowledge of the wiper blade.

2. Why do my wiper blade so noisy?

3. Why does my wiper blade leave fog after wiping?

4. Why is the wiper blade chattering?

5. Why is my wiper blade single side leakage?

6. What caused the wiper blade to be damaged?

7. What are the inferior types of wiper blades?

8. How to extend the service life of the wiper blades?

9. How to fix the squeaking and chattering of the wiper blade?

10. How long you should change your wiper blade ?

11. How to install wiper blades correctly?

12. How to correctly use wiper blades?

13. What is the Safe wiper blades that meet requirements?

14. How to Choose A Proper Wiper Blade?

15. What is The Reason for wiper blade degradation?

16. What ’s the type of wiper blade degradation?

17. What is the reason make the wiper blade’s bad performance?



1. What is the common knowledge of the wiper blade

Existing misunderstanding

The windshield wiper is small accessories that can arouse a love-hate feeling in auto parts producers and sellers.

” Love ” for its amazing sales, ” Hate ” for its awkward to stumped a lot of big companies although it just a small part.

From 1917 the first hand-cranked windshield wiper to today ’s hybrid boneless windshield wiper it has experienced over 100 years of improvement. In nearly a decade as the explosion of the domestic car market, the wiper after-sale market is unusually hot. There come out many wiper blade brands with even price.

As an automobile person a good product we always hunt for, but in the process of selecting the wiper products. We easily walked into the following errors, only for reference.


Flat Wiper Blade Has Poor Wiping Performance And Shorter

– Lifespan Than Conventional Wiper

The wiping performance and the lifespan do not depend on whether it has“ bone ”or not, but how the wiper structure parts match. Whether the parts match science; whether the materials are qualified, and whether they have excellent craftsmanship. All these are closely related to wiping performance and life.

The working principle of the conventional wiper is to distribute the force of wiper arm evenly on blade to form the dots force, then transform these forces into the rubber to fit the windshield perfectly. So the fit degree between rubber and windshield is directly related to the proportion of each part of the conventional wiper.

However, The working principle of a flat wiper blade is to use the spring to distribute the linear force directly from the wiper arm to rubber. In theory, linear force is much evenly than dots force, obviously, the wiping performance of a flat wiper blade should be superior to conventional wiper blade. The lifespan of the wiper blade is totally none of business with the“ bone ”.

One under the same materials, craftsmanship, service environment conditions but in uneven force will have different service times.

– Aesthetic but Practicability

Currently, so many windshield wiper manufacturers pay more attention to the aesthetic but practicability when choosing a wiper blade.

We can’t deny the importance of the wiper blade’s appearance also It’ s one of the most intuitive elements to guide consumption. However, a windshield wiper is a functional part but a decorative part. Therefore, no matter how flowery the windshield wiper was designed to be it must service the function.

A well-structured wiper can elevate wiping performance multiple, the same is true , an unreasonable design will lead to bad wiping performance.

Focus on rubber

Many wiper blade manufacturers when judging a wiper is good or not always focus on spring while rubber. Through feeling judge the merits of the rubber. However, unquestionable rubber is the most important component of the wiper but we can’ t feel the quality just by feelings. What we can feel is very limited, only about hardness, elasticity , surface treatment technology.

As for noise, wear-resisting, corrosion, permanent deformation, cutting process, such data need to be test for over and over again to get the precision information. Moreover when doing wiper performance only can all parts fit perfectly done not rubber independently. Even if the rubber is in top quality without spring there still doesn’t work .

So the hardness, tensile, radiant of spring will directly affect the distribution of wiper arm’s pressure.

A reasonable spring can remedy the insufficient rubber , while even though the rubber is in the top cannot offset inadequate of spring. If compare the wiper to a person, of spring is a men muscle and meridian, of rubber, is a men skeleton, can you tell which one is more important ?

Installation and maintenance


2. Why do my wiper blade so noisy?

In many people’s ideas, the mention of ” wiper blades ” is a very humble existence. But once something goes wrong, it’s often confusing. In the process of scratching performance, many problems have arisen that have caught manufacturers, dealers, repair shops and users off guard. Next, we will share some problems encountered in the daily use of wiper blades .

Existence of abnormal noise

Generally, it’s the most annoying thing when you are driving a noise come into your ears to scattered your attention right from the windshield wiper. When the wiper blade was first manufactured, it was always believed that the reason for the abnormal sound must be caused by the quality of the rubber. While under the long-lasting in-depth study, we find there are many factors to cause abnormal sound .

– Why is my wiper blade squeaking

When wiper used for over one & three months may come out this noise. For different rubbers have different abilities of resistance to permanent deformation, so it’s uneasy to confirm when the noise came out for sure. If the rubber has a high ability of resistance to permanent deformation, you don’t need to worry about that.

The hardness of the rubber is lower than 58 degrees also can generate this noise. Moreover, unreasonable spring radiant generates insufficient braced force to reduce the contact surface between rubber and spring.

– Why is my wiper blade have rustle sound

About rustling sound is usually caused by the unreasonable hardness of the rubber. Most of the rubber manufacturers will control the degree of rubber’s hardness about 60. If the hardness is high not only can affect the hanging brush effect is also easy to generate rustling sound. Another reason is caused by rubber unused too long.

i 4

– Why is my wiper blade has Harsh Noise

To father this situation is due to the unreasonable formula of rubber and irrationality of surface oxidation treatment on rubber. In the general case, this kind of noise will come out in the first months. As time goes on, it will more serious. These windshield wipers are usually identified as unqualified products.

There are other reasons nothing to do with the quality of wiper blade. For example, if your car often parking where there is smoke in which makes the windshield gathered with a layer of oil. At this time, it can be cleaned with professional glass water.

– Why is my wiper blade have the Kata Sound

Mostly, the wiper angle of the wiper blade is slightly offset due to aging. In this case, you can manually adjust the angle of the wiper blade. You can try to twist the wiper arm gently with a tool ( try it in the glass direction and the opposite direction ), and then try No abnormal sound.

Picture 5


The wiper blades of most models are long and short. Some friends did not pay attention to the size when buying a new wiper blade, which caused abnormal noise during the scraping process. When buying a wiper, be sure to check the size before buying.


3. Why do my wiper blade left fog after wiping


On a foggy day, the visibility outside the car is low, water vapor is condensed from the windows, and the line of sight from the cab is poor.

Under the mist

With years of rapid development on the flat wiper blade, whether from the quality or quantity has a big leap. Some people when changing a new wiper blade may feel unsatisfied even they can ’ t feel abnormal sound side leakage and hassle vision.

What is the reason?

If we take this“ mist ”problem to the past, it’ s hard to feel. While as people are increasingly demanding on the quality of the wiper , the phenomenon “ mist ” as one of the standards for judging the quality of the wiper.

What is “mist”?

“Mist” refers to when the wiper is doing performance neither leakage nor take silk. However, on the windshield surface still remain some water which can ’ t evaporate quickly just like a layer of fog linger on the windshield for a long time.

Halogenation mishandling also can cause the mist


No matter what kind of spraying material the rubber is, are required to pass through halogen processing this process. If halogen liquid formula is not reasonable or treat time is unreasonable all-cause mist. There are dozens of raw material components of rubber. The rubber composition is less than one half, the rest is made up of other chemical materials.

The “wax” is one of the raw materials if you add too many waxes after rubber be cut the wax will overflow as time goes by.  And these waxes congeal into the“mist”. Currently, a good rubber manufacturer generally adopts the blade which is made in Malaysia which does not cause mist in general.

But Both the quality of the knife blade and the passivization of the blade can cause “mist”. If the strip cutting time and cutting the number is too large will lead to“ mist  ”easily caused by surface passivization.

Then let me give you an analysis of the following aspects when driving in mist weather.

When the visibility is less than 50 ~ 500 meters

  • Use various lamps to improve visibility
  • Properly control the vehicle
  • Stop the vehicle in time to avoid traffic accidents


4. Why is the wiper blade chattering?

Shaking or chattering of the wiper is not only caused by the blade’s quality, but any wiper will also have a slight chattering at work. If the chattering range is too large, that‘ s an abnormal phenomenon. So what is the cause of wiper chattering?

First, uneven pressure of spring. Flat wiper blade is through the radiant of spring to distribute the pressure evenly If the radiant of the spring is out of control or the material of the spring is unstable all can cause chattering.

Second, the matching of the wiper base and sheet steel is not enough precision.

Third, the leverage of wiper aging and corrosion will lead to chattering .

Forth, the aging of wiper motor will also cause a large wiper chattering.

Fifth, spring’s halogen improper handling and surface lubrication materials mishandle may lead to rubber astringent phenomenon. When rubber in fiction with the glass in the process wiping performance if the rubber is over astringent will strengthen the pressure of wiper motor.


5. Why do my wiper blade Single Side Leakage?


Single side leakage is referred to when wiping is doing a performance from whatever up to down or the opposite will come out the unclear vision. Actually, this kind of phenomenon is often encountered. The reason for this phenomenon is mainly related to the following points:

Firstly, we put the flat wiper blade into two kinds, double spring and single spring. The two spring’s radiant of double spring wiper blade in conformity will lead to single side leakage. While the size of single spring wiper blade small claw will also lead to single side leakage.

Whether single spring or double spring, if the rubber in atypical slitting can lead to single side leakage. The wiper arm is not parallel with glass can also lead to single side leakage.

Wipers at work

6. What caused the wiper blade to be damaged?


  • Ultraviolet radiation、ozone 、High temperature. The acid contained in the rain will accelerate the aging of rubber.
  • Wax. Vehicle exhaust which contains a lot of oil is attached to the surface of the glass to influence the wiping performance.
  • Snow and fog weather, low temperature will keep the rubber brittle,
  • easily accumulation on the glass to aggravate the load of wiping.
  • Dust, small particles、 bird droppings adhering to the glass surface; the rubber will be damaged when scratched.
  • Corrosion of the rubber strip by rainwater and cleaning solution immersion ( containing acid or alkali etc.)


7. What are the inferior types of wiper blades?

  • Cracked rubber
  • Cracked rubber
  • Rubber hardening
  • The bracket is damaged
  • Rubber wear
  • Rubber losses


8. How to extend the service life of the wiper blades?


Be sure to use it in the presence of water.

– The wiper is to clean the rain on the front windshield. Do not dry without water. The increased frictional resistance due to the absence of water will cause damage to the rubber blade and wiper motor.

– The use of wiper blades to remove dust from the windshield surface is not recommended.

– Clean wiper strip and attachments on the surface of the glass timely, because these attachments may damage the strip.

– When cleaning, please gently scrub with a soft cloth dipped in glass cleaning fluid in order to avoid damage from over forcibly. Vehicles parked for a long time or parking in ice or snow weather please lift the wiper arm. Regularly add glass cleaning fluid instead of tap water.

“Wiper blade” is a rubber product.

If the effect is significantly weakened, it is recommended to replace the wiper blade.

Keeping the outer surface of the windshield clean to ensure clear vision in rain and snow weather and driving safety are top priorities.

Rainy days drive

9. How to fix the squeaking and chattering of the wiper blade?

In the rainy season, one of the most annoying problems is squeaking leakage or chattering. If your wiper doing bad performance will affect the sight of driving even more there are many reasons that cause the wiper chattering. The life of the wiper blade is mainly affected by the aging of the rubber blade and the uneven wear of the blade.

Regular replacement and maintenance , maintenance of wiper blade service life can reach about one year .



In most cases, if your wiper blades have squeaking or chattering, you should go first with the windshield’s oil film. Because the car for long time use the windshield will be accumulated with suspended particles exhaust gas and oil easily.

So there comes the problem, how to judge the glass oil film does exist? If the windshield poured a bucket of water, water quickly faded and formed many small water droplets in the windshield, which means the windshield with oil film.

If it is a clean windshield, the water will be faded slowly and will form a water film on the windshield. Because there is oil film on the windshield, so after watering has a lot of small water droplets at the top.

Field of vision


There are several reasons for automobile glass oil film

Automobile exhaust, there are exhaust pollutants generated by incomplete combustion in the exhaust of the automobile, which will inevitably adhere to the automobile glass and form an oil film.

Oil smoke pollution

If you often stop near the restaurant chimney emissions, accumulated over time, a long time without treatment will form a thick grease. Insect corpse and bird droppings are very corrosive and will stick and harden if not cleaned on the glass, affect the transparency of the glass , and become an oil film.


The car that often stops under the tree, the gum will also form an oil film.



How to remove the oil film?

First, you should water the windshield, then pour the oil film agent on the sponge ( attention to set up the wiper arm). Next with sponge in concentric circles direction scrub of small area, remove oil film, water damage. The old coating completely than water it again.

At this time , you will find water will come into being a layer of water film on the windshield. If the water flowing down soon , there will be no residual water droplet, then the dry cloth is complete.

Soda toothpaste

Or use toothpaste ( must be baking soda toothpaste ). There are abrasives in the toothpaste and soda oil

Clean windshield


Dishwashing liquid plus a rag

The most economical method is to directly scrub with detergent and a rag, which is labor-intensive; but it also has an effect. Or soak the soap in water and apply it evenly to the front glass. After drying , wipe it with a towel or sponge until the soap is cleaned , and then wash it twice with clean water. Or use professional kitchen grease removal products can also be removed very well .

Installation and maintenance

If you doing former action, the wiper is still squeaking and chattering. Now you should check the angle of the wiper arm, the angle must be vertical no migration. If so, we can use the adjustable coin hands caught in the wiper arm, turn up gently, adjust the angle of the wiper and glass as vertical. And then check the conditions have improved. If still no, may be used under too much pressure, can relax appropriately.

Then you can use a screwdriver or pliers, pine spring spacing, and try again, attention doesn’ t get too loose will cause the bad wiping performance. If the spring used for a long time, it’s uneasy to generate enough pressure. so it will influence the fit between wiper blade and windshield to cause squeaking and chattering.

If you try the above method still did not improve squeaking and chattering, you should change a new wiper blade seriously. The oil film of the windshield is not only as simple as wasting glass water and damaging the wiper blade, but also affecting the sight , which brings a very big hidden problem to everyone’s driving.


10. How long you should change your wiper blade?

Wiper blade is a consumable, for the sake of safety, after wiper blade has been worn you must replace a new high-quality wiper blade instead of it. So, how to judge whether your wiper blade should be changed or not?

  • Before confirmation, clean the windshield surface .
  • With the hand to touch the glass surface, confirm the windshield without scratches, bumps particles.
  • Use cotton cloth to wipe the rubber ( slightly ).
  • Confirm if there is a scratch strip, deformation, or dentate.
  • Under this circumstances, if there is still have water or large sound even unclear vision, you should change your wiper blade.


11. How to install wiper blades correctly?

Wiper blades always exposed to air, acid, oil, sand, mud, snow, ice, and ultraviolet radiation. Ozone, the wind and rain , it is easy to aging. You should change your wiper blade timely. In order to better use the wiper blades, we must pay attention to the following aspects.

The installation of wiper blades is simple

But , if you do not pay attention to details when installation , it may generate leakage, sound and chattering .

So, when we install the wiper blade we should pay attention to the following questions

  • Ensure the correct installation direction.
  • Remove protective film .
  • To guarantee the type match the car wiper blades .
  • To check and arrange related parts.

Wiper blade installation steps

  • Step 1:  To remove the original wiper blade, the wiper blade must be erected first.
  • Step 2:  Press and hold the bayonet of the wiper blade base! Move out.
  • Step 3:  Remove the wiper blade of the original car from one side, but be careful not to let the rocker arm spring back to avoid damage to the windshield.
  • Step 4:  Tilt up the front end of the middle buckle to facilitate installation.
  • Step 5:  Insert the middle clip and tighten it! Hear a click and install in place.
  • Step 6: The wiper blades in the driver’s seat and the co-driver’s seat are different in size, and you should see the instructions for use .
  • Step 7: Check whether the wiper blade is installed and ready to use after installation.


12 . How to correctly use wiper blades?

It must have water when doing wiping performance. The edge of wiper blades is very fragile, if you got anything on your windshield glass will damage the wiper.

Use qualified glass-water

Many people use tap water instead of wiper water, it isn’t a good choice. Glass-water both have the ability to protect windshield and wiper blades, using the qualified glass-water and largely prolong the lifespan of wiper blades.

Doing cleaning timely

If you find any attachment on the strip you should clean it timely. While use the wet cloth to clean the strip, if you find that there are bird droppings dirt on the glass, you also should clean it timely. Although windshield won  ’t corrode , wiper blade will damage from the dirt.

Set up the wiper when long-term unused When set up the wiper.

You can avoid dust adhesion between the strip and the windshield, there will be no debris when using the wiper blade again. In order to ensure a good driving vision, the wiper blades are well maintained and generally have a service life of about one year. They need to be well maintained. The recommended maintenance interval for wipers is six months or 10.000 km.

In fact, this value coincides with the normal working life of most wiper blades. Since the windshield washer often fights side by side with the wiper blade, it is essential to maintain the wiper in synchronization with the wiper blade.


13 . what is the Safe wiper blades meet requirements


For the driver , the windshield wiper blade is arguably one of the most important safety features on the vehicle. We know that safety is the most important requirement for drivers , and only the safest wiper blades can meet the needs of drivers. Your wiper blades serve to wipe away any liquid, ice and dirt that might be obstructing your view from your car windscreen quickly and smoothly, providing you with a clear view of the road ahead.

If your vision of the road is poor then there is a greater risk that you will be involved in a road accident. Therefore, it is vitally important to ensure that your wiper blades are in good working order and quite quality.

How to ensure your wiper blade is good or not, compare to other wiper blade brands what merits your wiper blade is? Why people should choose your wiper blade? Everybody knows how important raw materials are. But due to high costs and high profits, many manufacturers chose the other way.

In Topex , you shouldn’t be worried.

Now I am going to tell raw materials of Topex wiper blade, you can totally see how we work. The connecting and drive links and the pivots that move the wipers are made of galvanized steel. Galvanization is the process of applying a zinc coating to steel to protect it from corrosion.

Drive arms for boats and vehicles used in the marine industry are made of stainless steel that resists damage from saltwater. The wiper suspension and claws are also galvanized steel. The galvanizing zinc coating is easier to paint than no coated steel. Steel is also the material in the small parts of wipers, such as washers 、screws 、nuts 、springs 、and brackets.

The blade frame is made from aluminum.


The blades are made of natural rubber or synthetic compounds. Some rubber blades are composites of soft rubber on the wiping edge ( the squeegee surface) and firm rubber that supports the wiping edge in the rest of the blade. Other materials that comprise parts of windshield wipers are rubber for washers in the pivots and plastic bushings that line holes for connecting parts of the linkage.

The wiper suspension is typically painted black. The treatment technology of the rubber surface of the wiper blade is treated with German ink. The lubricating effect and adhesion of the surface of the wiper blade still exist after the normal use of the wiper blade for 8-12 months. This can provide longer, clear, lubricated, and quiet to ensure driver safety.

If you guys have any problems with the wiper blade? You can leave messages to us, we should love to answer any question for you about the wiper blade.

Rubber aging

14. How to Choose A Proper Wiper Blade?


Many drivers would probably not care about it; wiper blade such a little spare part, small but important. It is really crucial to choose a good wiper blade.


A high-quality wiper blade must have the ability to resistance hot, cold, acid and alkali, corrosion and perfect fit the windshield, no noise, well-wiping performance, soft rubber ( to prevent the windshield from scraping ).

When you chose a wiper blade, you should pay attention to the following points.

Which connectors do you have?

Most new cars use easy, hook-style wiper blade connectors. While in some specific car models the connectors may different, you need to check which kind of connector your car is then choosing the right wiper blade to fit the connector. Confirm the connection methods and specifications. Some wiper arm is screwed to the rocker arm while some are locked with convex completely.

So, it ’s really important to confirm the connection methods before you buy a wiper blade. Otherwise, you can check the owner  ’ s manual to find the right size.

Judge the condition of the wiper blade.

To get the most from your existing wipers, inspect them periodically. Lift each wiper arm off the glass and run your finger along its rubber edge. If the rubber is rigid or chipped or produces nonstop streaking, you need new wipers.

Check the wiping speed at a certain speed.

Put the wiper blade in a different position to check the wiping speed, especially pay attention to the inactive condition to see whether the wiper blade is at a certain speed or not, if it does, congratulations you got the quality wiper blade.

Check the wiping performance.

If the contact surface of rubber and glass surface cannot be fully fit may cause bad wiping performance, which means your wiper blade is in bad quality.



Many people think that wiper blade length is the longer the better, the wiping area is the bigger the better, the vision is the clearer the better.

Actually, a long wiper blade will increase the wiping area to extend the view visible range but at the same time will also increase the burden of wiper motor and wiper arm. Before installing the wiper blade, be sure to check the installation instructions and the schematic diagram of the steps.

It is not difficult to install the wiper blade yourself!

15. What is The Reason of wiper blade degradation?


  • Cold and low temperature ( snow、ice ) make rubber become hard and brittle.
  • High temperature ( windshield、sunniness ) will make rubber crack.
  • Rain and cleaner ( acid or alkali ) will corrode the coating of the bracket.
  • Rain and cleaner ( acid or alkali ) will corrode the rubber.
  • Paraffin and automobile exhaust ( oil content ) cause chattering and pollution.
  • Rubber damaged ( ultraviolet、ozone )
  • Rubber suffer pressure from wiper arm for a long time ;
  • Sunlight UV ultraviolet spectrum, and the temperature, the humidity will do harm to the coating of the bracket.
  • Long-term work generates some normal damage to rubber.
  • Rain and some materials ( sand、mud、 dust、foreign matter ) will wear the blade.

These are the causes of wiper blade degradation.


16. What ’s the type of wiper blade degradation?


Rubber Cracks.

Rubber has its certain lifespan after be in hot cold acid and alkali conditions it ’s inevitable to crack.

Rip Off Rubber

The neck region of rubber ripped off when in the wiping process the blade failed to do quality wiping performance on the windshield.

Rubber Hardening.

Due to the rubber are under the blazing sun for quite a long time and high-temperature changes quickly make wiper rubber get hardening and loss of elasticity.

Bracket Damaged

Excessive use causes the active part of the bracket to get rust or loosed.

Rubber Worn

Bad weather, long-term use of abnormal rubber formula caused the edge of rubber to get rotten or totally worn.

17. What is the reason make the wiper blade’s bad performance?


Intrinsic factors of wiper blades

Improper selection of materials, the materials cannot meet the physical and chemical properties required by the wiper blade function.


The bracket design is unreasonable

The manufacturing and assembly of the components of the bracket become worse ( not accurate enough ). The quality of rubber caused by the rubber formula and processing technology is poor .

External factors of wiper blades

The curvature of the car windshield does not match the design structure of the wiper blade ( pressure distribution )

The pressure of the wiper blade assembly motor and rocker arm is too low ( the spring is frequently used ).

Installation of the wiper blade is wrong and the cooperation is not close. Rocker arm is blocked by ice and snow, causing the wiper blade to not be evenly stressed.


Windshield curvature

If the wiper blade is not clean, there are sometimes many reasons. No matter what the reason, we should not make sloppy judgments with our eyes .

To purchase wiper blades , be sure to purchase wiper products that have passed professional testing.


Driving safety, wiper blades are essential !


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