Postview: 140       Date:March 30, 2022

The Seventh Talk
To Know Your Wiper blade

Wiper blade can be divided into two types: Flat Wiper Blade and Conventional Wiper Blade. Wiper blade plays a vital important role when driving in the rain. It can refresh the rain on surface of windshield to make the driver’s vision clearly. Road safety is crucial for the driver, a high quality wiper blade can reduce the traffic accident rate, to ensure the safety of people go out.
People driving in the rain may have such experience that it’s easy to accumulate rain on the windshield often keep out the line of sight of people. This is why we need wiper blade to help us to keep safety. According to relevant data shows, due to aging wiper blades cause unclear vision of the traffic accident rate is about 5 times higher than usual. So, you must need a real high quality wiper blade.

How long you should change your wiper blade
Wiper blade is a consumable, for the sake of safety, after wiper blade have been worn you must replace new high quality wiper blade instead of it. So, how to judge whether your wiper blade should be changed or not?
1. Before confirmation, clean the windshield surface.
2. With the hand to touch the glass surface, confirm the windshield without scratches, bumps particles.
3. Use cotton cloth to wipe the rubber (slightly).
4. Confirm if there is a scratch strip, deformation or dentate.
5. Under this circumstances if there is still have water or large sound even unclear vision, you should change your wiper blade.

How to install wiper blades correctly?
Wiper blades always exposed to air, acid, oil, sand, mud, snow, ice, and ultraviolet radiation, ozone, the wind and rain, it is easy to aging. You should change your wiper blade timely. In order to better use the wiper blades, must pay attention to the following aspects:
The installation of wiper blades is simple. But, if you do not pay attention to details when installation, it may generate leakage, sound and chattering. So, when we install wiper blade we should pay attention to the following questions:
1. Ensure the correct installation direction.
2. Remove protective film.
3. To guarantee the type match the car wiper blades.
4. To check and arrange related parts.

How to correctly use wiper blades
1. It must have water when doing wiping performance
The “edge” of wiper blades is very fragile, if got anything on your windshield glass will damage to the wiper.
2. Use qualified glass-water
Many people use tap water instead of wiper water, it isn’t a good choice. Glass-water both have the ability to protect windshield and wiper blades, using the qualified glass-water and largely prolong the lifespan of wiper blades.
3. Doing cleaning timely
If you find any attachment on the strip you should clean it timely. While, use the wet cloth to clean the strip, if you find that there is bird droppings dirt on the glass, you also should clean it timely. Although windshield won’t corrode, wiper blade will damage from the dirt.
4. Set up the wiper when long-term unused
When set up the wiper, you can avoid dust adhesion between the strip and the windshield, there will be no debris when using wiper blade again.

In general, if you maintenance wiper good, it can be used for a year. if you are in sand area, you should pay more attention to your wiper blade. In addition, if you go for wiping performance, flat wiper blade is your first choice for comparatively light and even stress.