Types of wipers according to their working methods



Types of wipers according to their working methods

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【TOPEX】According to the classification of wiper blades, wiper blades can be divided into metal wiper blades and soft flat wiper blades.

The function of the metal wiper blade is to prevent the effect of wind drift; the auxiliary bracket is a multi-point stainless steel lining, and its purpose is to make the pressure distribution between the wiper and the windshield uniform.

The advantage of the soft flat wiper blade is that it can be consistent with the curvature of the window surface to ensure the best wiping effect. The most important thing is that the pressure is distributed evenly, and it is easy to remove and replace.

Metal wiper blade: We know that the installation of the wiper mainly depends on the wiper joint and the wiper arm. Generally, the bone wiper joint is a U-shaped hook, and the wiper arm type is a hook type.

First, the car owner needs to open the wiper protective cover, then insert the wiper arm into the wiper slot with the other hand, then pull the wiper arm and the wiper blade in opposite directions, so that the wiper arm is stuck in the wiper slot, pay attention to the card In place, a “crisp” sound is heard; finally put the protective cover on.

Soft flat wiper blades: first remove the original car wipers. Carefully lift the front of the snap in the middle of the boneless wiper for easy installation. After inserting the middle clip, pay attention to tightening the cover and hearing a “crisp” sound; finally, put on the protective cover.

It should be noted that some models have different sizes of wipers for the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat. They are usually long in the driver’s seat. The passenger seat is short. Don’t pretend to be upside down.

If the owner does not know which type is suitable for his car. The wiper can be determined by referring to the car manual. (Topex products will be marked with the corresponding model, and the corresponding model will be installed. The operation manual is for your reference.)


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