TOPEX wiper driving guarantees good visibility


Wiper is very important


Good vision is an important guarantee for the normal driving of the vehicle .


The wiper is not only important in rainy weather, but also when the current windshield is dusty .


Sometimes, it is not clean, why ?


  1. The dirt on the glass is too thick ;


  1. Wiper rubber aging ;


  1. The wiper angle is not correct ;


  1. There is debris between the wiper and the glass ;



When there is a problem with the wiper, it should be checked in time, and the general rubber aging is the main reason. When using it daily, first clean up the debris between the wiper and the glass .






In order to make it easy for you to deal with snow/storms that may only occur a few times a year, you can still enjoy clear vision, early judgment and safe driving in the rain and snow .


Topex is really a broken heart – a wiper blade that has been tested many times . ( Cold and hot summer )


120,000 wipe tests 


The laboratory has 120,000 wipe tests (equivalent to continuous operation for 48 hours) for optimal wiping .


The salt spray corrosion/ozone test was carried out to study the degree of corrosion of the metal part and the wiper rubber under the test conditions .


When the simulated winter wiper rubber is frozen on the windshield or blocked by branches or other foreign matter, the wiper blade does not separate from the wiper arm and the performance is not affected .







Topex reminds you: replace the wiper blade, better protect your car, have a better view, and drive more worry !






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