Why choose us? Crazy play call@TOPEX



Why choose us? Crazy play call@TOPEX

Postview: 241       Date:March 30, 2022
  • The five reasons:


Q: Why should topex be the safest wiper in China?

A:  According to relevant data show that caused by wiper vision not clear due to the traffic accident rate is about 10 times higher than usual, so each every time the bad appearance of wiper will be the underlying causes of accidents, and behind each accident more than have a happy family.The safest pursuit for our topex auto wiper is pursuit of the Chinese people’s well-being, so a pair of can provide a clear vision of wiper can protect your safety.Therefore, topex auto parts r&d personnel from various aspects to the wiper to research the ink – type natural rubber windshield wipers.


Q: Comparing natural rubber and silicone wipers, why topex chooses natural rubber?

A: The biggest problem with silica gel is that when driving in the night, when the light of the traffic light is on the other side, the windscreen will appear white, which will seriously affect the vision and driving safety.Natural rubber does not have this problem, this is also why the original factory wipers are mostly used natural rubber windshield wipers because this is a serious matter involving personal safety.It is also the safety standard of the wiper.


Q:What kind of natural rubber does Topex choose?

A: The topex wiper chooses a Malaysian rubber (natural rubber in Malaysia is currently recognized as one of the best rubber in the world) rubber in Malaysia has obvious anti-aging performance and resistance to bending performance.This kind of natural rubber can give the best support to the wiper, extend the best use effect of the wiper, so that your vision security can be longer guaranteed.


Q: Why topex choose German ink lubrication?

A:  Has on the market at present most of the wiper strip surface treatment is graphite coating, the normal graphite powder 1 to 3 months will be consumed like rubber surface without lubrication Cause obscured vision and wiper beat wiper motor damage.The surface treatment technology of Topex’s windshield wiper surface is treated with German ink, and the lubrication effect and adhesion of the surface are still in use for 8-12 months.This provides a longer period of clarity, lubrication, and quiet to ensure the driver’s safety.


Q: Does the Topex wiper guarantee the reliability of windshield wipers in other ways?

A: ① Plastic parts: the market at present there are a lot of plastic parts is to use more secondary POM material to make this is very dangerous, because at the time of high speed if you use the wiper will cause the sudden rupture of wiper Seriously affect the safety of drivers.Topex wipers are made of plastic from the original rice, and safety and reliability will not cause a sudden break in the use process.


② There are a lot of wipers in the connection between the wiper arm and the windshield wiper to save a lot of cost by using plastic parts or iron pieces as connectors.If you use the original meters high performance plastic parts for the fitting ok, but if use cheap the secondary material of plastic parts for fittings So it may suddenly in the process of high speed using fracture So make a dangerous, if using iron as fittings can also be but there are some models will be affected by the damage of rust wiper arm.

Topex currently USES a zinc alloy base as a connector that is stronger than plastic and will not break and will not rust.


Sheet steel, on the market at present there are a lot of wiper is using inferior easy deformation of the steel even wiper strip again good wiper use effect will sell at a discount greatly, the topex choose Taiwan pieces of memory type of high carbon steel production, finalize the design effect is very good and we choice for years, it gives a good support for wiper wiper rubber can keep for a long time to get the longest time clear effect to protect the safety of the driver.



We know that safety is the driver’s most important requirement, and only the safest wipers can meet the driver’s needs.We hope topex wipers can provide the safest protection for you, whether it’s day or night, rain or shine, or spring, summer, autumn and winter.We will also make the safest wipers as the mission of all employees.