Why is the wiper abnormal noise ? No No No !!!



Why is the wiper abnormal noise ? No No No !!!

Postview: 223       Date:March 30, 2022

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Give everyone a “cause of causing the abnormal sound of the wiper ”


Take it away~~


For exampleWhen the wiper of an individual car is scratched by the light rain, there is a strange noise between the scraper and the glass, and there is a single scratch. Is there any way to eliminate it ?


Look at the wiper blade is not very dirty, if it is, it will be better to clean it, otherwise it will be necessary to replace the wiper strip!! Causes the abnormal sound of the wiper! The wiper blade is a rubber piece, and a spring on the wiper arm presses the wiper blade against the windshield.


When used for a period of time, the film will be deformed, and the film will not be perpendicular to the glass, which will cause jitter or abnormal sound when running in a certain direction !


After the sun is exposed, the film will harden and there will be abnormal noise during operation !


The accumulation of grime on the glass will also cause the wiper to sound abnormally and not clean !



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