winter is here! Driver, please note!



winter is here! Driver, please note!

Postview: 229       Date:March 30, 2022




Recently, many drivers have questions, consult some notes on the winter car. To this end, Topex tips for you!


Winter is easy to rain, then start wiper but found it scraping is not clean, the situation has become even worse, it is very dangerous.


In order to take preventive measures, check the wiper before driving, not only to extend its life expectancy, but also to ensure traffic safety.







Check the steps are as follows:


①. Check the wiper arm under the fixed situation is good.


②. Check wiper arm and wiper point connection is loose.


③ .Check if the rubber wiper blade is hardened.



Adjust the angle of the arm so that the blade can stand upright on the windshield and fit perfectly.



⑤. Check if the windshield washer and nozzle pot are clogged and, if necessary, clean the pinholes with brushes and pins. If the glass washer nozzle spray direction is incorrect, you can use a pin into the nozzle hole, the nozzle orientation is adjusted.


⑥. Check wiper washing pot is enough liquid detergent.




Topex Reminder:

When waxing,be careful not to hit the windshield wax, it will cause the scraper scraping and scraping is not clean, but also issued a nasty neighing.


A certain degree of clarity of vision to ensure that you and your family safer driving, Topex series wiper blades with excellent scratch wipe performance, not only in the rain at the moment to keep the window clean, no noise wipers also make your driving more comfortable , Have a good mood every day!



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