Wiper blade switch diagram


I believe everyone has a certain understanding of wiper blades .


Role : Alleviate the impact of rain on driving sight and ensure driving safety .


How does the wiper blade work ?


Below we will share with you the use of wiper blades .




A : Adjustment knob


B : Front wiper jog operation ( MIST ) ,


Push the control lever up to the MIST position ,

Then it will automatically return and wipe the wiper once .



C : Front wiper is off ( OFF )


D : Auto wiper ( AUTO ) ,


Turning the adjustment knob can change the sensitivity of the rain sensor wiper control .


Thereby adjusting the wiper frequency of the wiper .



E : Low-speed scraping brush ( LOW )


F : High-speed scraping brush ( HI )



G: Wash the windshield , pull the control lever towards the driver ,

the windshield washer and wiper blade will work at the same time .


When the scrubber stops working , the wiper blade will continue to work for a short period of time .






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