Wiper Blade : Three second knowledge


How often should the windshield wiper blade be replaced .


The typical life of a windshield wiper is one year .


The life of flat wiper blade may extend somewhat , but few wipers last two years .


After summer exposure and winter cold , wiper rubber can age and crack ;


When the use of wipers found that there are residual stains on the glass 、 strip marks 、 shaking and abnormal sound .


It is necessary to replace the wiper blade .


rainy day

Small edit :  tell me about it :


If the windshield is too dirty , gently clean it with a dry cloth before using the wipers .


Reduce unnecessary wear on the wiper blade .


Do not dry scrape without spraying glass water .


Can cause wiper film abnormal wear and wiper motor damage .



When the wiper blade wiper bad , water soaked wiper blade , water sandpaper wiper rubber back and forth several times .


Clean with clean water put back into the windshield , scrape to see if there is uneven , if you can try a few more time .


( The above method is only used when the wiper blade is slightly damaged . )



The replacement of the wiper blade is very simple .


The wiper blade is usually u-hook type , as long as the hook can be removed to replace the wiper blade .


General purchase wiper blade installation with instructions , installation guide .


However , it should be noted that the new and old blade types are the same .





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