Wiper Blade: Three second knowledge



Wiper Blade: Three second knowledge

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Three seconds to give you a comprehensive understanding of wiper blades


How often should the windshield wiper blade be replaced?

The typical life of a windshield wiper is one year.

The life of a flat wiper blade may extend somewhat, but few wipers last two years.

After summer exposure and winter cold, wiper rubber can age and crack ;

When using the wiper blade, it is necessary to replace the wiper blade when there are residual stains, streaks, shaking and abnormal noise on the glass.


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Use when the wiper blade is slightly damaged

If the windshield is too dirty, gently clean it with a dry cloth before using the wipers.

Reduce unnecessary wear on the wiper blade.

Do not dry scrape without spraying glass water. Can cause wiper film abnormal wear and wiper motor damage.

When the wiper blade wiper bad, water-soaked wiper blade, water sandpaper wiper rubber back and forth several times.

Clean with clean water put back into the windshield, scrape to see if there is uneven you can try a few more times.


The replacement of the wiper blade is very simple

The wiper blade is usually a u-hook type, as long as the hook can be removed to replace the wiper blade.

⊕ General purchase wiper blade installation with instructions, and installation guide.

⊕ However, it should be noted that the old and new blade types must be the same.


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