Wiper Blade



Wiper Blade

Postview: 252       Date:March 30, 2022


TOPEX, this brand is from Xiamen, is the top 10 national brands in China’s wiper industry.

TOPEX advocates the concept of clean and silent to be a professional car wiper manufacturer.


The first thing to look at is the wiper blade interface and the length of the wiper. The interface and length of the different models will be different. You can check the model manual to see the specific model of your model.


In response to the problem of having a metal wiper blade for a soft flat wiper blade, the answer is yes. The brand’s special style for the model, the soft flat wiper blade that has been tested after the test can be used, unless the wiper arm pressure is too low, resulting in a soft flat wiper blade. Fitted with glass, or some niche models with special dimensions. However, due to the initial design problem of the entire wiper system, metal replacement soft flat without may cause beating or scratching, for example, due to insufficient spring pressure of the wiper arm and mismatch of motor torque. Of course, choose topex to solve your worries~ ~


Car wiper construction

Mechanical part


The composition of the automobile wiper system is that the motor-driven transmission arm controls the wiper arm to scrape the wiper blade to achieve the mechanical system for cleaning the windshield. This system is assembled by the automobile manufacturer to purchase spare parts, and the wiper blade is the main one. Consumables.



▲ Motor and transmission mechanism


The wiping method is symmetrical, parallel reciprocating, and relatively rare. (The figure is symmetrical, others are not listed one by one)



Wiper use experience   


The life of the wiper is mainly affected by the aging of the rubber scraper and the uneven wear of the scraper, and the normal service life of the new wiper can reach about 1 year. However, most people do not pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of the wiper, which leads to the generally low life of the wiper blade. What should the normal wiper use?


For the wiper, the first function is to clean the windshield. Cleaning the glass while spraying water will reduce the wear of the wiper and the glass by the dry brush. However, this will still cause a certain degree of wear on the wiper strip, especially when there are more ash and debris. The correct approach advocated should be wiped off or washed off with water and debris, and then sprayed with glass water to clean. When it is snowing in winter, you must first remove the frozen ice from the glass before using it in the morning. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the wiper strip and the motor. For example, in order to prevent the wiper from being frozen and not cleaned, you can park it. Then set the wiper blade up.


Finally. . . . .


Wipers must be regularly replaced and maintained, driving safety is the most important !   



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