Although small wiper, but powerful!



Although small wiper, but powerful!

Postview: 172       Date:January 26, 2022

Wiper is a very common feature on the car, usually by the fast, slow two-speed continuous file,

intermittent file and a single gear.



In the heavy rain, fast, slow two continuous files will often be used, and in the light rain, the role of intermittent files is reflected .


Why Truck And Bus Wiper Blades Are Crucial For Road Safety?




♦ Wiper lever features :


Through the control lever, up and down, before and after the operation of the wiper to achieve regulation of wiper gear before and after the performance, frequency and other properties. Some models are also equipped with “auto-sensing” function, it will adjust the rain according to the size of the rain wiper speed, the complete liberation of your operation wiper switch hand .




♦ Wiping operation method


up and down the operation method detailed introduction

Wiper work once, down is divided into three gear (slow / medium / fast), this is a more mainstream design, of course, some models will be different design .



before and after the operation detailed

The wiper lever to the driver direction, the first file wiper first water, scratch once. On the contrary, after the wiper spray, scratch once .



•  after wiper operation method


When the rear windshield is obscured, the rear part of the field of vision will be lost when driving on the road or when reversing the vehicle, drastically reducing the safety of low traffic, so rear wiper is equally important .



Encounter foreign objects in the face of sight, it should be wiped forward or backward to let the wiper wet work, this operation allows the entire wiper motion friction reduction process; thus extending the wiper blade life, to prevent Glass was scratched by foreign objects .



TOPEX Tips Driver :


Driving rainy days, caused by the wipers aging wipers work scraping is not clean, reach the purpose of clear vision caused by the traffic accident rate higher than usual about 10 times .

Therefore, the emergence of each inferior wiper will be the biggest hidden danger of traffic accidents .



Travel must be developed into a good habit of checking the wipers, showers frequent late autumn, if your wiper any failure, we must
quickly repair or replace the wipers .





Topex strives to be the safest wiper in China .


Clean and silent !