Current Problems with Wipers & Corresponding Solutions



Current Problems with Wipers & Corresponding Solutions

Postview: 244       Date:March 30, 2022

The Wiper Ends Are Slightly Tilted 


The universal wiper is designed according to the windshield curvature of most cars. It is not designed for a specific model. Therefore, when the glass curvature of a very small model is too large, the tail end will be slightly tilted ( the original car is the original car ). However, this does not affect the use or reduce size.


The Middle Part Cannot Fit The Windshield


The wiper arm is too long to be used due to insufficient pressure. It is necessary to solve the need to replace the rocker spring in the 4S shop. Some car pressure is congenital.

For example, BYD F3 can be solved with the traditional type of metal wiper blade, a three-section wiper.


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Metal wiper: T-500 / T-550




Three-section wiper: T-100




Different sizes of wipers require different pressures from the wiper arm. For example, if the pressure of the wiper blade is designed according to 0.6 kg and the weight of the hook arm is only 0.5 kg, the middle part of the rubber strip cannot be pressed against the windshield. As a result, the scraping is not clean. In this situation, you can reduce the wiper by one size. The problem is solved easily.


Wiper Appears to Be Dithered During Operation


When the windshield is not cleaned, remember not to frequently use the wiper works under abnormal conditions. The dirt adhering to the rubber can be wiped clean with a wet rag. The pressure on the wall is too light, causing the wiper to be intimately attached to the glass. As a result, the stroke of driving will cause the jitter.




When people plan to buy a car,  they pay more attention to the power and safer of the car. Many people ignore the most important driving safety. Wiper should not be underestimated.


Pay attention to the daily maintenance. The working degree of the wiper blade will greatly affect the working effect of the wiper. The above is a list of some common problems and solutions. Topex hopes to help everyone, we will continue to share the wipe knowledge blog.


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