Discuss why the wiper is not clean



Discuss why the wiper is not clean

Postview: 207       Date:March 30, 2022

∑   Incorrect response :


a) . That’s impossible, our wipers are the best .


b) . Did you use it for too long ?


c) .  Wipers are like this .




  Problem diagnosis :


The wiper is a special accessory on the car. It’s special because it’s so powerful that it’s almost impossible to move without a wiper on a rainy day. The other layer is the effect of the wiper is the easiest to see, and this effect may not be so good. How to deal with such a question about an accessory that is almost placed in the sun ?



 That ‘s not possible. Our wipers are the best .” If this sentence is put in the sales process, it should be a better way to speak. But here should be shirk, customers will never like to shirk the responsibility of the business .



” Have you been using it for too long ? ” Being able to ask customer usage is a better approach. Sales is sometimes a measure of degree. This phrase is not attractive enough to make it easy to confront the customer because it is likely that the customer’s first reaction is “I didn’t use it for long  . “



 The windshield wipers are all like this . ” In the complaint, some people still haven’t done an experimental test before drawing conclusions, giving people a sense of imprusion and irresponsibility. The direct feedback from this sentence is “How could it be? This is not what I used before.” The most taboo in dealing with sales complaints is that every time a customer speaks a word, you will find a lot of words against him. It will be very difficult to communicate in this way .



☞  Strategy :


How can we deal with these situations in the case? How can we be clean? We often say that standards are important, but at present, what is lacking most in the automotive aftermarket is standards, and products and technical standards are basically absent, but they all stay on product performance, the so-called “workshop standards”. However, there are not so many standards in the sales process. How do we deal with complaints from customers ?



Professional testing


Wiper scraping is not clean, and sometimes there are many reasons. Regardless of the reason, we should not just judge the sloppy judgment with naked eyes. A clever salesman will conduct professional tests the first time after the customer asks questions. There are many benefits of testing that can leave a good impression on the customer, and more importantly, it can provide technical support for the problems you are dealing with later .



Teach customers


Sometimes wiper damage is also a common phenomenon, and we can train customers on how to use them after checking out specific issues. Mastering the right methods of use will bring better results to our use; this time our professionals can play an important role .



Retreat to explain


When a person is in an anxious state, he most hopes to find someone who can be the same as him. In this way, the best way to deal with such customers is to allow him to vent his anger and then seek suitable opportunities .




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