Postview: 231       Date:March 30, 2022

Xiamen Topex Auto Parts Co., Ltd. By the founder of Jacky in August 8, 2017 to set up “Extension Love Foundation”; in the company under the leadership of the board of directors, will carry out the work.

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the development of social welfare undertakings through the philanthropy of the company and its employees, and to serve the country and contribute to the society and create a better life for its colleagues.

Theme: Extension Love Foundation.

Slogan: Topex, Extension love, True love forever!

Hand in hand, heart to heart.The Foundation office will be set up in the TOPEX company personnel administration department.

How do I manage the Foundation?

Chapter 1: Business Scope

  1. We accept various donations of public welfare about fund and carry out related activity.
  2. And social welfare undertakings groups to carry out public welfare activities, promote the development of public welfare undertakings.

   Foundation’s public welfare activities:

  1. Work injury accidental injury, the death of the rescue.
  2. Unfortunate suffering from serious illness, family financial difficulties of the rescue.
  3. Life is difficult, unable to obtain the rescue of the source of life.
  4. The society is anxious for the rescue of the children, including those who are homeless by the natural disaster, who are brave enough to be out of school because of their economic difficulties.
  5. Economic contributions to areas affected by major natural disasters.
  6. Environmental protection activities.
  7. The company held the various operations competition.
  8. The company hosts a sporting event.
  9. Other public welfare activities; PS: the Foundation in the initial three years, due to restrictions on the conditions, the first in the company engaged in public welfare activities.

Chapter 2: Foundation members are established

  1. The governing body of the foundation is the board of directors of the company. The executive body is the chairman of the board of directors, the chairman of the board of directors, the secretary general, the supervisors and the board of directors. The chairman of the board of directors appointed by the board of directors, the Secretary-General and supervisors in the election of the staff, the Council to implement the appointment system, each term for two years, held a meeting every year, encountered special circumstances, the Secretary-General is responsible for convening members of the Council, Discuss related issues.
  2. The council has one chairman, one secretary general, two supervisors and several members of the council.
  3. The president presides over the management decision of the foundation and signs the important documents.
  4. The Secretary-General is the first person in charge of the Council, presides over the daily work of the Foundation, accepts and deals with the affairs of the Foundation, organizes the annual work plan and reports to the President and the Supervisor.
  5. The main duties of the supervisors are to participate in the discussion of the important activities of the Foundation, to oversee the work of the Foundation; to ensure that the Foundation’s work and economic expenses are in line with the Foundation’s management practices.

   The authority of the Council:

  1. Formulate and modify the Foundation’s approach.
  2. Listen to reports on annual work reports, annual plans and use of funds.
  3. Recommend the Secretary-General and the Supervisor.
  4. Carry out economic relief work and donation activities.
  5. Decided to terminate the Foundation’s related matters and other significant matters .

The members of the board are part-time by the company’s employees.

Chapter 3: The source of the fund

 Foundation funds are self-financing in principle;  fundraising methods include, but are not limited to:

  1. Company, company employees, employees of the company’s friends and relatives, company suppliers and corporate customers of voluntary contributions.
  2. Employees voluntarily donated from the amount of wages, the personnel department is responsible for collecting the amount of voluntary contributions to the Ministry of Finance unified collection or withholding amount of money.
  3. Contributions made by the company’s internal proceeds from selling products.
  4. The administrative department organizes the voluntary income of the second-hand goods by the employees.
  5. The Foundation may raise funds at home and abroad to the enterprises and institutions, social organizations and other organizations and individuals who are enthusiastic about the purpose of their activities to raise funds, but must be voluntary because of the donors.
  6. Other sources of funding.


Chapter 4 Management of the Foundation:

  1. Foundation to implement democratic management, the establishment of strict fund raising, management, use of the system, the Council announced monthly income and expenditure account details and balance.
  2. Due to the limited source of funding for the Foundation, it is necessary to help those who are most in need of assistance to the most in need of assistance. Those who are required to meet the requirements of Article 7 shall not be diverted for other purposes. The criteria for the donation are as follows: Employees in the Company (including immediate family members, such as parents, spouses, children, etc.) who are in need of serious illness or suffering from major illnesses and who are indeed in difficulty in the family economy. The proceeds of donation are paid in the form of condolences.

  Conditions and procedures for applying for contributions:

  1. The staff must be more than six months of entry, usually work in all aspects of outstanding performance, without major punishment.
  2. By the staff of the department to submit a “financial return”, the signature of its department after the approval of the board of directors approved the approval of the Council approved by the Secretary-General, and copy the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Personnel Administration for the record.
  3. The Foundation has the right to supervise the use of the funds of the recipient. If it is found that funds are not used in accordance with the original agreement, the Foundation reserves the right to reduce, stop or recover the amount of the subsidy. (depends on the situation)

Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions:

  1. The final interpretation of this approach is in the Extension of the Foundation Council.
  2. The modification of the present Measures shall be discussed and approved by all members of the Council and reported to Xiamen Topex Auto Parts Co., Ltd. for approval.
  3. By the board of directors and staff election decision to organize the person in charge.
  4. This document has been implemented since August 8, 2017.


♦Gather you and me,love infinity.