Have you noticed the careful car owner?



Have you noticed the careful car owner?

Postview: 203       Date:March 30, 2022

Careful owner you may have found that the market backlit basically no wipers, and for most of the hatchback this device is standard. (Such as: both hatchback and sedan version of the Focus is a typical example.)

Wipers in the safety of the main play a clean role, the car in the forward, the front window will be dust and rain attack; sight easily affected, so the front wipers essential. The same rear window wipers also play the same role, the rear wheel thrown to the rear window of the soil and other stains wipe clean.


Sedan in the rain when the air flow will follow the direction of the rear window and the direction of the trunk to promote the flow of water down, and hatchback modeling will make the vehicle when the rear of the car running in the same direction with the vortex flow; The floor of the mud splashed on the rear window, the more steep and more obvious.

Sedan rear glass tilt is relatively large, second car tilt is relatively small.



The front wiper was hidden behind the hood, and when the high-speed air flowed over the front, it was blocked by the hood; it would not have any effect on the wiper. And then the wiper has no hiding place, so the installation must consider the impact of high-speed airflow. Sedan because the rear window tilt, the car in the process of rapid wind speed; not only impede the road, but also seriously affect the scraping water efficiency. While the hatchback because the rear window is almost vertical, slow wind speed, little impact so you can install.


From the structural design:

  • on the one hand:

Sedan tail structure was gradually downward trend, the air flow will flow along the rear window, until the luggage compartment to form a vacuum area. While the hatchback will form a large vacuum area, air volume rolled up the dirt is easy to cover the entire tail.

2. on the other hand:

Along the window through the air will be easy to blow the rain and snow on the glass, hatchback can only rely on the wiper clean. So in order not to affect the observation of the rear, hatchback cars should be installed wiper, sedan there is no need.


About security: Topex has been demanding high standards of self-motivation, and strive to be China’s most secure wipers.

Warm reminder: driving should always focus on the rear, taking into account the three rearview mirror, pay attention to pedestrians and vehicles.