How should the wiper blade be maintained ?



How should the wiper blade be maintained ?

Postview: 216       Date:March 30, 2022

How should the wiper blades be maintained during the snowy season ?

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In a series of car maintenance in winter, the wiper blades can keep the car with a clear and good vision when driving, but they are often overlooked .

Wiper blade auto parts also come in handy in snowy weather .

The maintenance of wiper blades in winter is very important .

Next , learn how to properly maintain the wiper blades in severe rain and snow in winter .


1 .  First :


Everything has its own service life . In the daily use of wiper blades, we must develop good habits and regularly check the condition of wiper blades .

Generally, the life of wiper blades is six months to one year .


2 . Second


Adjusting the appropriate wiper speed according to the size of the rain and snow can better provide the driver with a good field of vision , thereby greatly improving the convenience and safety of driving during snowfall .


The wiper blade is the only tool to clean the windshield of the car during driving , and it also directly affects the effective guarantee of driving safety in rainy and snowy weather .

Therefore, the quality of the wiper blade is directly related to your driving safety .


Regularly check the quality of the wiper blades and carry out effective maintenance on them , so that you can drive your vehicle in rainy and snowy weather .


Precautions for wiper blades in snowy days


First of all , due to the long-term non-use, the wiper blade may be frozen on the glass together with the water in the severe winter when you wash the car or wipe the water ,

So if it is not cleaned in time , it is easy to cause the following possibilities the next time you use it :


1) Due to the excessive power of the motor , the wiper blade will be torn . 


2) The power of the motor is not large enough and the wiper blade and the glass are seriously frozen together, which will cause the motor to burn out .


3) The motor power is large, if the wiper blade is not replaced , the glass will be scratched .


The above three situations will bring you different degrees of economic losses and safety hazards .


In order to avoid the above situations , please clean the wiper blades in time and regularly .


The cleaning and maintenance of car wiper blades in winter is particularly important .

The climate of some countries shows that there is more sand and dust , especially the mud and sand that are generally mixed on the road after snow in winter .

When the car is driving , it is easy to fall between the wiper blades inadvertently, which will cause a lot of wear and tear on the wipers .


The correct cleaning method is to lift the wiper blade first and clean it in a clockwise direction .

When cleaning with professional glass water, the force must be light .

After cleaning , return to the original position . The same method is used for the wiper blade on the rear window cleaning .


Generally , the wiper blade is recommended to be replaced every 6-12 months .


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