Wiper blade problems and solutions



Wiper blade problems and solutions

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Wiper blades are easily overlooked accessories , except that they have a low sense of presence in rainy days , and many riders pay less attention to it .


However, if the wiper blade is not used well , just like a blind person driving a car, it is easy to cause a traffic accident .


So today I will talk to you about common problems and solutions of wiper blades .


Streaks appear when wiper blade wipes


Streaks on the wiper blade may be caused by dirty glass , rough or hardened wiper rubber , etc . , which need to be dealt with according to different reasons .

If it is because the rubber strip is rough , you can polish it with sandpaper or replace the wiper rubber .


Missing when scraping


The wiper blade really plays the role of cleaning is the rubber strip in contact with the glass , and the rest are the shell and pressure fittings ,

while the rubber wiper blade is directly exposed to the air , directly facing various bad weather, and will accelerate the aging speed .

Once this happens , the wiper blade is likely to be missed during use , and the wiper blade needs to be replaced in time .


The wiper blade makes an abnormal noise when wiping


For the abnormal noise of the wiper blade , it is generally not the problem of the wiper blade .

At this time , it is the problem of oil stains on the windshield .

We need to use a special wiper cleaner to clean it , and wipe it several times with a towel or sponge. , Completely remove the stain and oil film , and then start the wiper, and pour some clean water on it , scrape and wash it several times , the abnormal sound disappears .


The wiper blade wipes and leaves water marks


Water marks will affect the line of sight , especially if the eyes are short-sighted , the road will be blurred , and you cannot drive fast .

Solution : If the wiper blade is dry , you can pour a little water on the windshield first , then lift the problematic wiper blade , wipe it several times with a wet tissue , and wipe the contact surface of the wiper blade and the glass .

Wipe the dirt on the wiper blade thoroughly , so that the problem can be completely solved .

In winter, the rain increases and the frequency of use of wiper blades is relatively increased .

It is recommended that riders carefully check the wiper blades before driving to avoid problems during use and endanger driving safety .


Generally , the wiper blade is recommended to be replaced every 6-12 months .


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