Metal wiper blade or Soft flat wiper blade how to choose?



Metal wiper blade or Soft flat wiper blade how to choose?

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This part on the car is changed every year basically, although the price is not expensive, but have very big influence to the driving safety. It’s a wiper.


When cars first appeared, there was no wiper, until 1903. The windshield wiper was invented mainly to ensure driving safety. Bright Windows are very important for drivers to operate accurately. Even wipers come in different varieties. There are two main types of rain wipers on the market : metal wiper blade and soft flat wiper blade .



∏  Metal or soft flat how to choose ?



In fact, there is not much difference between the soft flat wiper blade and the soft flat wiper blade at the beginning. However, generally speaking, the service life of the soft flat wiper blade is longer than that of metal wiper blade, and the working resistance of the wiper blade will be smaller because the wear degree of the soft flat wiper blade is relatively small after a period of use. Moreover, the penetration rate of soft flat wiper blade is getting higher and higher, and the price difference between them and metal wiper blade is relatively small. If it is the same size of wiper blade, it is recommended to choose the soft flat wiper blade as far as possible. However, for smaller Windows, you can also choose cheaper metal wiper blade .


Metal /Soft flat wiper blade they should be replaced regularly.


Although the soft flat wiper blade has good effect, the material of the wiper blade is rubber, which will inevitably age after the test of scorching heat in summer and severe cold in winter. In addition, it will also cause wear and tear in daily use. Therefore, no matter metal/soft flat wiper blade, it will not be replaced regularly.


If the two ends of the wiper blade become slightly upwarped, there will be jumping phenomenon, abnormal sound, and visible wear of the wiper blade observed by the naked eye, you should consider replacing the wiper blade.


When using wiper, the replacement period of wiper blade can be extended by good usage.

For example, rain scraper can not be dry scraping, must cooperate with the use of glass water;When there is bird excrement and other stubborn dirt on the glass, it is better to clean it by hand first and then use wiper.When using the wiper in winter, make sure to clean up the snow and ice .



Finally, there’s a way to save money: when replacing the wiper blade, most soft flat wiper blades can replace the wiper blade instead of the entire blade.If you have good hands-on skills, you can also save some money on car maintenance.


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