Wiper water spray adjustment method


Wiper spray water in the use of a certain force will be affected .


The direction of the spray will change after a period of time ( too high / too low ) ,


As a result, the wiper can’t wipe the windshield normally , which affects the safety of driving .


Quickly and accurately adjust the direction of the water spray has become a necessary skill !


Schematic diagram



The basic principles of adjustment are :



Ensure that the water spray landing point in the upper third of the wiper blade can be ;


The injection direction can be equally divided on each side .



Maintenance mode can be opened in two ways :



1. Through the control panel in the cockpit ,


Locate the vehicle → setup → maintenance and inspection
→ change the location of the wiper, select open .


Wiper control


2. After the ignition switch is off, quickly stir the wiper lever once ( that is , scrape water once ) .


Have you mastered the basics of wiper ?


If you have any problems with wiper blades at work , please share them in the comments section .







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