Precautions for the use of car wiper blades



Precautions for the use of car wiper blades

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Many car owners believe that as long as the wiper blade is not broken for a long time , there is no need to replace the wiper .


In fact , car wiper blades are consumables , not a lifetime .


It is generally recommended to replace it once every 1 to 2 years .


If the effect of the wiper blade is significantly reduced , it is recommended to replace it immediately.

Because accidents are prone to occur on rainy days , the role of wipers in rainy days is very important .


Precautions For Use


What are the precautions when using car wiper blades ?


1. Do not use wiper blades to clean the front windshield without water, because dry wiping without water will increase friction resistance and easily cause damage to the rubber blades and wiper motor.


2. Even if there is rain, if the margin is not large enough to start the wiper blade, the wiper should not be used .

( ” Enough ” is not to block the driver’s sight )


3. It is not recommended to use car wiper blades to remove dust on the surface of the windshield .

Even if you want to do this , you must spray professional wiper blade glass water on the glass for cleaning .


4. If the windshield has solid things , such as bird droppings , insect corpses , etc .

Do not directly use a wiper to hard scrape, you should clean it up with other things first .

Because hard things will cause the wiper blade rubber to wear and fail , resulting in the wiper blade not cleaning the rain .


How to use wiper blades correctly ?


1. Ensure that there is water on the surface of the front windshield .

The wiping part of the car wiper blade is made of natural rubber .

When the front windshield is very dry, the rubber surface will be scratched due to excessive friction , which will affect the wiping effect , so it must be ensured The car wiper blade can only be used when there is water on the front glass surface .


2. Clean up the attachments on the wiper rubber and glass surface in time .

Before the car wiper work , it is necessary to clean up the impurities attached to the glass surface and the wiper rubber , because these impurities will increase the friction between  the rubber strip and the glass when the wiper is working , thereby damaging the rubber or scratching the glass surface , resulting in uncleanness .


3. Stand up the wiper blade when parking .

When parking , the wiper blade should be erected so that the rubber and the glass surface should not be in contact , especially when the car is not used for a long time , because the rubber and the glass surface will be covered with dust and impurities when parking .


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