The correct way to use wiper blades



The correct way to use wiper blades

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Can’t dry scrape without water


The ” knife edge ” of the wiper blade is very fragile .

If something gets on the glass, it is easy to damage the wiper blade .

Professional glass water can clean and lubricate , protect the wiper and the glass , and keep the glass clean .


Clean up the accompanying objects in time

If you find something on the rubber , clean it up in time , stroke the ” knife edge ” of the wiper blade with a damp cloth to keep the ” knife edge ” clean .

If any dirt such as bird droppings is found on the glass , it should be cleaned up immediately . Although the glass will not be corroded , the wiper blade will be damaged due to the dirt .


Stand up without wiper blades for a long time

Standing up the wiper blade can prevent dust from adhering between the rubber and the glass .

When it is used again , it will not mix debris , dust , etc . with the glass water , and will not damage the glass and rubber .


Don’ t forget to clean the wiper blade when washing the car

When washing the car , wipe the wiper blade with glass cleaning fluid, wipe it clean and then clean it with water .

However , it should be noted that the cleaning agent used must not contain ammonia .

It is a killer that causes rubber to harden . Generally speaking , household soap , All disinfectants contain ammonia .


Wiper blades to avoid prolonged exposure

Under continuous high temperature , the rubber on the wiper blade may deform or lose its elasticity .


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