Precautions for The Use of Wiper Blades



Precautions for The Use of Wiper Blades

Postview: 225       Date:March 30, 2022

The wiper blade is an important safety device. When use of wiper blades in the road, if they are dirty or trembling, the driver will not be able to see clearly and may distract them. Both will increase the risk of accidents.

Usually, drivers will notice that their wipers cannot remove rain or spray well during the journey. They realize that the blades need attention, but forget them when they reach their destination.

According to experience, the wiper blade should be replaced every 6 to 9 months because the rubber will age and become hard.


Check the wiper blades regularly

If possible, look at the two front blades. If it’s an SUV, minivan or hatchback, look at the rear wiper blade.

Check if your car has the following problems:

Clear cracks. These blades go straight up from the edge and make the blades look jagged.

Split. These occur at the bottom of the rubber, and the actual blade is attached to the bottom. They run in the same direction as the blade and are not easy to see.

Uneven wear. Sometimes, the edge wear in one area is greater than in another area.

Pollution. Dust, salt, and road dirt can accumulate along with the blades and cause stains on the windshield. They may be wiped clean, but it is likely that the chemical has eroded the rubber.

Installation failure and mechanical arm damage. Sometimes, the driver will replace the wiper himself, but cannot install or fix the wiper properly. Similarly, the arm is sometimes damaged by the automatic car wash.


If you are in a car, you should also check the performance of the wiper. Turn on the ignition switch, start the windshield washer and observe how the blades move. Repeat this for the back part, this is usually ignored.

When you find that the wiper blade is dirty, don’t hesitate to clean it immediately, otherwise it will affect the driver’s sight.

When your wiper working normally, please turn off the wiper switch. Your wiper blade should automatically return to the lower part of the windshield and stop. If the stop position is wrong, you should drive to the local service station to make adjustments.


Wiper figure

How to maintain your wipers in different seasons

On sunny days in summer, the front glass is exposed to the high-heat. The temperature of the front glass is too high and the heat dissipation is slow.

The wiper rubber that is in close contact with it will always be in close contact with the glass at high temperatures, and it will naturally become deformed over time.

Please park the vehicle in a cool place as much as possible to avoid premature aging of the leaves due to sunlight.

Of course, you can also choose to erect the wiper, which is a very smart and cost-free maintenance method! If you want the wiper to last longer, it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

When using the wiper blade in winter, if the wiper blade is frozen or blocked by snow, please turn off the switch immediately and remove the ice and snow before continuing to use it.

Otherwise, the motor will burn out due to excessive blade resistance.


Do not remove the wiper motor at will.

If the motor is not working properly, you should drive to the local service station for repair or replacement. Driving safety is the most important!




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