Six practical techniques for extending the life of a windshield wiper



Six practical techniques for extending the life of a windshield wiper

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∞ On a regular basis to wipe

Summer dust is more, windshield glass can accumulate a layer of dust, windshield wiper also cannot escape evil hand, want to extend service life, want to wipe rain wiper piece regularly with wet cloth, avoid dirt such as silt existence aperture, when wiper works, leave scratch on the glass.


∞ Cut the edge rubber

If you don’t plan to buy a new wiper (as the case may be), but the wiper is no longer able to completely clean the rain water, you can pick up the scraper to scrape the rubber on the upper and lower edges (be careful when operating).


∞ Solvent

Take cotton fabric, thoroughly moisten with gasoline or solvent, wipe the rubber edge from top to bottom, back and forth more than ten times.The old thin layer of rubber dissolves in a back-and-forth wipe, and the edges become smooth and clean again, like new ones.


∞ Gasoline dipped

The laziest way to do this is to remove the rubber part of the rain scraper and soak it in a container filled with gasoline for a night to soften it up, so it will continue to clean the glass for a period of time.


 ∞ Pay attention to important parts

Sometimes, the damage of wiper is not caused by a single blade, but at the joint, some parts are corroded or dirt is stored, which causes the wiper cannot work normally. At this time, the frame and related parts should also be cleaned and inspected.


∞ Pay attention to the spring

The poor performance of the wiper is sometimes affected by the internal spring, especially the most frequently used spring or rainy season.Especially for those who forget to turn off the wiper at night, the spring will only “get too tired” and lose tension.


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☞☞ Movement principle

The power source of the wiper comes from the motor, which is the core of the wiper system.The quality requirement of wiper motor is also quite high.It USES dc permanent magnet motor, windshield wiper motor installed in the front of the windshield wiper motor and worm gear machinery parts are generally integrated.The function of worm gear mechanism is to slow down and increase the torsion. Its output shaft drives the four-link mechanism, which changes the continuous rotation motion to the left-right motion through the four-link mechanism.


In a word, wiper is used to brush away rain and dust attached to the windshield of the vehicle, so as to improve the visibility of the driver and increase the safety of the vehicle.The owner must correctly clean the windshield wiper and avoid high temperature exposure, thus extending the service life.It’s a rainy season, so if you have a problem with your wiper, repair or replace it quickly to keep your trip safe.


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