There are also pay attention to the wiper blade !


Every day driving , the wiper is indispensable, but many car users found that the wiper used for a period of

time, there will be a lot of small problems .



Such as unclean , abnormal sound , how to solve these problems ?



Today let’s share some ways to quickly solve the wiper problem !






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Some of the things that are not clean



Weather-wiper rubber is aged or rough



If the wiper rubber is aged or rough and has dirt attached, the glass will have striations .



This situation as long as the wiper rubber rough parts or adhere to the dirt with a cloth to clean, and then use fine sandpaper gently hit
the good . Also be sure to clean some stubborn stains on the outside of the glass when you wash your car .





Wipers do not spray water


If you find that the wiper does not spray water, in time to check whether there is water spray kettle , nozzle is blocked, or whether the
water motor can work properly .



But usually use wipers to pay attention to, wipers had better open the cleaner while flushing brush , avoid wipers dry brush, otherwise
wipers easy to shorten the life .





The wiper is at the wrong Angle


If the wiper is not clean due to Angle problems, then use the adjustment wrench to clamp the wiper, and then gently turn, adjust the
wiper vertical state can be . If there is a problem , it is that the wiper pressure is too high , just relax the distance between the springs can
be solved .




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There is an abnormal noise problem





If the wiper is turned on, the wiper and the front windshield will make a sharp sound of friction .
You can check whether there is any foreign matter under the wiper or the wiper, and ensure the cleanliness between the wiper and the
glass .







The linkage will age and the spring elasticity of the wiper arm will decrease, resulting in wear and even falling off .
At this time , just check the wiper arm or wiper rod bushing .






The abnormal sound of the motor is probably because the motor needs to be replaced, and it needs to go to a professional maintenance
point for detailed inspection .




Pay attention to wiper blade to protect driving safety .










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