Postview: 206       Date:March 30, 2022

If a brand can survive, then there is absolutely the value of its existence!


       TOPEX is such a presence.




Today to introduce the hero“Topex wipers”. It is essential in the auto parts of a kind of accessories, different types, different styles, different models; broke the people on the wiper a single view. Rainy day, Wipers are busy, there are soul wipers more busy!


Q: What do you think is the most important brand?

Su: Auto parts constitute the overall unit of the car and the service of a car products, commonly used accessories in 2,3000, wipers is one of them.


Topex is a wiper brand, in the guard driving safety at the same time, the wiping culture into the public view; for one of the auto parts into the brand culture, into the brand’s power, which is Topex has been doing things. Many people ask Topex why choose to do wipers? But in fact the wiper is just a carrier, Topex just want to express a security concept, the maximum degree of protection of your driving safety.


Q: What is the commonality of TOPEX and BOSCH?

Su: BOSCH is the industry’s benchmark, leader, there is an individual that shapes the individuality of each wipers. TOPEX The birth of each new wipers are the process of shaping each other. Topex each use a wiper, it has made Topex in the industry’s position. Constantly innovate, create, do not easily give up, perhaps this is TOPEX and BOSCH common ground.


Q: What is the concept of creating a TOPEX wiper?

Su: Keen on auto parts industry, wipers are very interested. “People say that interest is the best teacher”

It is understood that: due to the rain caused by unclear vision caused by the traffic accident rate is about 10 times higher than usual, so the emergence of each bad wiper will be a major risk of traffic accidents, and each casualty will destroy a happy family. For our Topex in terms of the pursuit of the safest wiper is the pursuit of the well-being of the Chinese people.


Q: TOPEX is what kind of brand?

Su: Topex has always adhered to perfectionism, every wipers are as best as possible, and this perfect since the venture has been sticking. This kind of adhere to the perfect spirit of the root design, a painting of a painting of the need for a long time continuous practice, consider and precipitation, in order to see the details from the chapter.


Q: How does TOPEX stick to his style?

Su: Many people try to imitate the wiper structure to look and it is easy to imitate. But the wipers pay attention to the overall effect of wiping, the design concept can not be imitated. It hidden Topex wipers corporate culture, into the Topex brand spirit, no matter how simple the surface looks, can be from the details of the details of the Topex wipers brand behind the invisible power.


Q: TOPEX new X8 series design inspiration?

Su: To the Chinese characteristics of the transport “motor car” as the symbol of the concept of the pursuit of force and the perfect combination of dynamic. Travelers can be seen everywhere with Topex wipers; everything looks so random and natural, but can slowly feel the soul of the wiper beating.


We hope that the Topex wipers, whether day or night, are raining or sunny, or spring, summer, autumn and winter; Topex can provide safe protection to the driver.


Q: What is TOPEX’s greatest feeling for employees?

Su: Topex wiper blade factory in Xiamen, the brand of positive culture, team cohesion and leadership; so that each employee believes that everyone can create the value of self, Topex is represented by this positive spirit. Every series of wipers either Hybride wiper blade, Multi-functional wiper blade or OE type and so on. The information given to the wipers industry, all belong to the unique style of Topex wipers.


Q: What is the meaning of TOPEX wipers?

Su: Topex wipers through the sun and the sun baptism, creating a brand influence. Every customer’s purchase, are a reliable process. Constantly looking for balance, seeking progress, do not forget the original heart.


Xiamen Topex auto parts with a letter sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to come to negotiate business,we will continue to offer the strict management, excellent quality, high-quality service, to join our hand and win the brilliant tomorrow.


TOPEX clean and silent!