Want to know the key to a good wiper blade ?



Want to know the key to a good wiper blade ?

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First, check your wipers regularly


Because the wipers are used for a long time, the rubber aging phenomenon, if used for a long time will leave scratches on the windshield, and when the raindrops down and the scratch is not clean, so it will affect the driver’s line of sight.

These tiny scratches can also cause the glass to break at high speeds, A lot of that happens at high speeds. Therefore, it is important to check windshield wipers regularly.


What is the key to a good wiper blade?


(1) The key to the good effect of the metal wiper blade

in cars is that the rubber wipers can maintain sufficient moisture.

Only if it is moist enough can it have very good toughness to maintain close contact with the window glass.

The very simple truth, a grain of rice is dry on the bowl, if you don’t put it bubble soft, not to mention washing dishes, is to use a hard tool to scrape, scrape down.

The same is true for wipers. A lot of car friends often complain that the wiper is not clean, it is this reason.


(2) The wiper, as the name implies, is used to blow rain, not to scrape ” mud ” used

So the correct use of boneless wipers, not only can prolong the life of wipers, the key is to effectively maintain a good line of sight, more conducive to driving safety.

To understand the two basic points, the basic knowledge of the right way to use the wiper.


(3) If your car is not parked in the garage, get into the habit of wiping the front window with a wet cloth every morning before you leave

Overnight, the wiper is dry, want to be out of the car, with the wiper overnight in the front window of the ash scrape clean, such dry grinding, not only the wiper motor is difficult to achieve good results, but also easy to damage the wiper.

The correct method is: wet cloth is wiped, again spray water to scrape.

Because good wash glass water to contain volatile, can let window face achieve quickly dry, avoid damp glass to absorb ash to rise mud thereby.


(4) Get into the habit of cleaning out the front window every night when you return to the garage to collect your car

Especially after coming back from the rain, the water droplets accumulated in the front window become water stains on the second morning and then join the adsorbed dust, the front window is very difficult to rely on the rain to scrape clean.

If the night before, use a wet wiper to scrape the front window clean. The next morning, it’s easy and clean to drive.


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