Who needs safety and safety for whom?



Who needs safety and safety for whom?

Postview: 214       Date:March 30, 2022

Safety management and training is one of the representative of corporate culture, safety culture can improve the awareness of self-prevention of employees. When the unexpected situation (fire, earthquake …), to keep calm, fearless; self-help and save him, to minimize the damage.

Xiamen TOPEX Auto Parts Co., Ltd. organized all the staff of the company this month to participate in fire safety and emergency training.


Prior to this Xiamen micro-fire station and May 17, with fire hydrant as the prototype to create a “small micro-Xia” cartoon image to the official appearance. The two outlet of the fire hydrant cleverly designed into the characters of the two eyes, better let people realize the importance of fire safety.

  ♦small micro-Xia♦


   Refused to muffle only fire 

For the safety of life, the company all the staff need to learn:

  • Watch the fire escape video.
  • Learn fire safety regulations.
  • Knowledge to answer.
  • Company fire safety matters (safety exit, evacuation channel, safety point).
  • This fire drill instructions.
  • Escape drill.
  • Fire fighting.

Fire self – help escape knowledge

1.Familiar with the environment, clear the position; clear   route, the rapid withdrawal.

2.Channel does not bet, export is not sealed; door lock, to  ensure smooth.

3.Listen to the command, not holding not crowded; mutual    care, orderly withdrawal.

4.Accident, call others; do not delay time, talk about  finance.

5.Self-protection, low-lying creeping; wipes cover nose, to  prevent gas.

6.Straight into the channel, the order of evacuation; not  into the elevator, to prevent being off.

7.Keep calm, take the ground; homemade rope, safe escape.

8.Fireworks, closed doors and windows; wet cloth plug;  smoke intrusion.

9.Fire has burned, do not surprise run; roll on the ground,  pressure off the flames.

10.Can not escape, call out; people rescue, out of the  woods.



Which TOPEX the fire safety exercise mainly prominent:

  • “three understand” “four will”  “four can”

Three understand:
Understand the fire prevention knowledge, understand the company fire measures, know how to fight the fire.
Four will:
Will use fire equipment, will report the fire; will fight the beginning of the fire, will organize evacuation escape.
Four can:
Can be promoted.
Can check.
Timely detection of rectification fire hazards.
Can effectively fight the beginning of the fire.

Fire promotion day: November 9 each year.
Fire hazard report phone: 96119.

TOPEX fire safety training exercise, let us realize that fire safety is very close to us. When the fire occurred when the firefighters wearing uniforms, hand fire extinguishers quickly came; for us to extinguish the fire.

directions20TOPEX employees in the multimedia conference room, receive a professional fire instructor training; through the PPT demonstration, to understand and learn how to deal with the case of fire should be how to deal with.



TOPEX Organizational knowledge Q & A session:

Questions are as follows:

1.What are the conditions for the company’s fire safety?

A.alarm bell, emergency lights, safe exit; evacuation direction and stairs, safety collection point.

2.What kind of fire emergency supplies should be in the  family?

A.The flashlight.

Fire ax.

Fire extinguisher.

Escape window.

A escape rope.

A towel.

A whistle.

A bottle of mineral water.

TOPEXFire fighting exercises:

a.Exercise organization: commander, manager at all levels.

b.Escape the exercise: escape time (… minutes).

c.Fire fighting exercises: must be in this exercise to the  actual operation of the personnel information.


Fire knowledge security :


We not only do safe wipers, but also to provide employees with safe production home.
Peace is blessing!