Wipers, are you used right?



Wipers, are you used right?

Postview: 170       Date:March 30, 2022

In the car a series of maintenance, we for the maintenance of wipers, often easily overlooked. On the one hand because in thousands of parts, wipers relatively speaking, relatively cheap. On the other hand, it will only be used in the rainy days, there is no sense of existence. But as the only tool to clean the windshield in the running, especially in the rainy day wiper work the quality of the quality of the direct impact of the main line of sight of the clear.Then, wipers, you use right?



It is important to check the wiper regularly!


Water spray before use

Some of the bumps on the glass if the first softening with glass of water softening, will lead to deformation of the strip. So be sure to spray the water and then scraping, do not dry scraping, but also to use qualified glass of water. Many owners in order to facilitate the use of detergent for water wiper water, although it can achieve a certain cleaning effect, but this will accelerate the aging of the strip.



The following is a wrong example×





• Do not forget the wipers

Wash the car with a glass cleaning fluid to wipe the wiper, wipe clean and then clean water, but need to pay attention to is that the use of cleaning agents can not contain ammonia, it is caused by hardening of the killer, in general, home soap , Disinfectant containing ammonia.


• Do not long-term exposure

Scorching sun: the front windshield temperature will slowly increase, high temperature for rubber products, there is a great impact, it will shorten the wiper life, speed up the wiper aging. If you can not find parking spaces, you can put up the wipers.

But how can this problem be solved? Do not worry, let topex keep your security!

Topex uses natural rubber. The wipers are selected for Malaysian rubber (currently Malaysia’s natural rubber is one of the world’s best known rubber) Malaysian rubber has obvious anti-aging properties and high temperature performance. This natural rubber can give wipers the best support to extend the wipers of the best use of the effect, very good to resist the high temperature, so that the safety of your vision to get a longer protection.


• Use qualified glass of water

Many owners with tap water instead of rain water, this approach is not desirable. Special glass water with clean glass to protect the role of wipers, qualified glass water can improve the cleaning effect, to protect the life of the wiper.


• Shave the rain before stopping

Before the car is turned off, start the wiper to clean the residual rain on the windshield to avoid the dust and the residual liquid in the parking lot. Use a wiper to cause deformation of the strip.