Wipers Frequently Asked Questions



Wipers Frequently Asked Questions

Postview: 224       Date:March 30, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Wiper at both ends of slightly Alice

General-purpose wipers are designed according to most of the car’s windshield curvature. It is not designed for a car. It is designed according to a certain type of car. So when the individual models are too large, the curvature of the glass is too large. Wipers will), but this will not affect the use, or reduce a size on it.


2. The middle part can not fit the windshield glass


Wiper arm use too long pressure caused by the need to fundamentally solve the need to 4S shop to replace the rocker spring; some car pressure is congenital, such as Chery QQ, BYD F3, the use of traditional bone wipers or three wipers can also be resolved ; Different size wipers need to pull the arm to give the pressure is not the same, such as wiper steel plate pressure by 0.5kg design, and hook arm weighs only 0.4kg level, resulting in the middle part of the tape pressure less than the car glass, while scraping clean , The proposed: the size of the wiper can also be reduced.


3. Jitter when working

The windshield is not clean; frequent so that the wipers in the normal circumstances of the work; there is dirt on the dirt sticks, can be wiped with a towel gently wipe or sandpaper will be polished knife blade uniform; tape damage or wipers and wipers Improper installation of arms. Wall pressure is too light, resulting in wipers and glass fit is not tight enough, plus the role of the process of stroke will cause jitter.


4. Work abnormal sound

The first is a bone wiper brush wiper and a bone wiper is not the same. 90% of the boneless wipers are used in the horizontal double or even more layers of tape covering the wiping. So, the new bone-free wipers in the first layer has been draining all the drainage, resulting in the back of several layers of knife-edge and glass dry scraping, it caused the sound (but scraping very clean!). Encountered such a situation, do not worry too much. With a period of time after the use of the sound will disappear; the second is the wiper arm angle deviation problem, with a vise to U-shaped mouth clamp, slowly force, clockwise (under the scraper) or counterclockwise (scraping The third is the arm pressure, the pressure wipes pressure, resulting in tape and glass contact surface is too large, causing the sound, you can increase the size of a wiper; Fourth, tap water instead of glass water, glass Water can play a clean glass on the dirt and lubrication of the role, which can extend the life of the wiper and avoid abnormal sound, these are tap water can not do, so can not use tap water instead of glass water. Glass coating caused the glass surface is too smooth, but also cause occasional abnormal sound. Wipers as far as possible not dry scraping, as it will cause excessive wear and abnormal sound tape.


5. Mechanical parts off

When the wiper arm spring loose, or the wiper arm with a screw off, the wiper arm can not withstand the wind between the vehicle driving, driving will see the wipes on the waving, followed by flying to an unknown place to go.


6. Installation error

The rubber sheet is too short or not properly mounted on the contacts, causing the rubber sheet to be clawed directly onto the windshield.


7. Rubber fouling

Mostly long-term hoarding in the wiper on the grease, or car wax attached, over time will come with the windshield between the gap, can not be tight to achieve the role of completely wiping. It is recommended to keep the windshield and wipes clean and replace the wipers in time.


8. Corrosion – Rubber wear

Poor weather conditions are often used or improper rubber formulations, causing the edges to be worn or completely worn, replacing the wipers directly.


9. Rubber hardening

Due to the direct sunlight, and the direct changes in high temperature, so that the wiping rubber hardening and loss of flexibility, direct replacement wiper.


10. Rubber crack

Rubber has a certain life, after the hot and cold acid and alkali under the raging, hardening cracking or peeling is inevitable, and some wipers will be directly off the wiper arm, whenever the car starts, you will see the wiper The film into the sky; weak quality bad rubber, damage time faster, direct replacement wipers.


11. Rubber cracked

Rubber and metal structure separately, and in the swing directly when the friction windshield glass, direct replacement wiper.


12. Click sound or other noise

Occurs in the wiper irregular hanging, mostly due to rubber wear, arm damage caused by rubber deformation, reduce dry scraping, replace the wiper.


13. Fine water bead

When the rain swept the windshield glass, some small water droplets attached to the glass surface, this phenomenon for the car wax or silicide sticky in the windshield or rubber tape itself; so that the windshield glass to keep clean and purifying.


14. Scoop up and down are not clean

In the case of no aging and scraping arm pressure in the use of the case because the glass is too dirty, wipers – as the name suggests, can only clean the rain, and can not clean the oil, and then high-end car exhaust emissions are oil, the car for a long time This environment or occasionally stopped at the hotel near the glass caused by more oil, coupled with a long time without rain, the oil on the glass is not acidic rain dissolved, resulting in scraping the phenomenon is not clean. You can add to the glass water tank detergent, to be dissolved after the cleansing, polished several times can be clean. Up and down there is a direction of scraping clean, hanging wall pressure is hidden in the scraping arm under the spring tension given, due to a long round trip operation will cause scraping arm deformation, this time the old wipers are also deformed, up and down can be scraped Rain, and put on a new wipers will lead to up or down scraping clean, this problem is not related to the wipers, as long as the wipers arm up, this problem can be solved. Wiping a trace of a trace of the windshield fell on the leaves and other tiny particles, lift the wiper, with a towel to wipe the strip and wipers back clean.